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Labs can reduce report dispatch time with the path lab report prints section

The report dispatch time of a medical lab/ path lab report usually gets exceeded due to the manual reporting process that a lab follows. Even with the digital delivery of reports, there are always patients who request physical copies only. Therefore, printing is always an option. However, it often causes delays in the delivery of reports due to the procedure followed, extending the post-analytical patient report tat (turnaround time).

To avoid one on one printing reports after validation and submission, the option of bulk printing medical reports can be adopted. While doing this, the clinical labs using the system should be able to streamline the types of reports properly keep track of them and ensure they are well aligned as per department and priority. If these aspects are availed, managing printing will be pretty helpful for lab results online; unaffecting the TAT in any way.

Benefits of Printing Medical Reports in Bulk

  • The best & faster alternative to digital reporting
  • Improves management for staff
  • Prevents dispatch delay
  • Filter reports before printing as per payment, report status, read status and departments
  • Saves printing effort and report dispatch time
  • Improves post-analytical TAT

The feature is active for all CrelioHealth customers. For additional queries, connect with your Account Managers.

New Feature: Print Reports in Bulk

Check out the new version of the report prints section to print reports in bulk. It can allow staff to queue reports as per type and priority to fast-track the process; optimizing the patient report tat (turnaround time) in the post-analytical phase. And, you can activate this feature for FREE.

The new version allows you to print path lab reports in bulk to save report dispatch time and enable advanced filters so that you can print only the lab test results that you want to print. Here is how you can leverage the new feature for your lab operations.

Here is all what you can do using this feature –

Group or Zip all Reports to Send

Tired of sending reports one by one? Download Zip of all reports and send them all together

If you have to send the laboratory test report to doctors or hospitals or your client’s order, what you can do is download all the reports in one zip file and send them across in an email or on WhatsApp.

Print all laboratory test reports at once or Print and move to next

Print one report, keep it aside, go on to the next, streamline your dispatch process!

Bulk printing allows you to print all reports together as you like. However, the printing medical reports methods can differ as per priority and hence can be done in the following ways –

  1. Patient wise – This has no limit. Subsequently, you can print a report for one patient, staple them, and subsequently move to the next.
  2. Print all – This has a limit of a hundred. So, you can print 100 reports in one go and then move to the next hundred.

After printing, separate the reports one by one.

Apply Filters before Printing Medical Reports

Filter by report status, payment status or departments

Advanced filters allow you to filter the reports by the payment status of the report. Filter out the reports showing payment done and print only the paid reports, without printing reports showing pending payment by the patient.

Lab Reports Online Then Printing Reports on Paper

Save paper by printing reports online

If patients prefer seeing reports online and do not come to collect them in your lab, the printed reports get wasted causing wastage or paper. Instead of printing all the reports beforehand, you can print, staple and separate the reports for each patient individually.

We introduced a ‘seen report filter’ that allows you to check their status for ‘online’ to filter them out and avoid printing. Doing this you can save paper, printing and shipment as well.

Laboratory Test Report print counter / Record Printing Count

Keep check of daily reports vs those printed and pending prints

Get a count of all the reports printed and yet to be printed so that you are all times aware of the status of the laboratory result report to dispatch.

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