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Labs can now Scan Documents and Register Patients

Every step at registration is important to keep a record of test information correct. Mistakes at patient registration can affect linking details and results back to them in the latter phase of lab service delivery.

If we are unaware of such mistakes happening, it can affect a lab’s reputation and that is why we are often cautious about the errors that take place at registration. Manual entries are the leading cause of errors and therefore, automating the process makes sense.

How to Prevent Errors at Patient Registration?

One of the finest ways to prevent these manual errors is to scan the identification documents right away at the front desk. On heavy workload days, patient registration can become chaotic. And this is how registration itself can be highly erroneous. Document scanning will help with patient identification to collect useful information about the patient like contact numbers and other vital details.

High-level Benefits of ID Scanning at Registration

Save Time – Being less time-consuming and more effective, such techniques at the front desk and help staff save pre-analytical TAT and effort as well.

Avoid Errors – As explained above, using document scanning to register patients can be an efficient method to avoid pre-analytical errors for your lab.

Verify Patient Identity – Apart from value-added benefits, lab’s can also validate a patient’s identity at registration which is a vital step today in the diagnostic testing and learning process.

100% Secure – Our cloud platform is HIPAA compliant and offers 100% security to record and store all documents safely and securely.

How to Collect Patient Information Through Scanning?

Enabling API integration with your LIMS software, you can scan IDs to register patients. Since patients’ info gets automatically captured and filled into the system, the entire process becomes error-free.

Supported Documents

  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • State Driving License

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