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Enable Discount Approval for Error-free Billing in your Lab

Many times labs fail to understand what went wrong at billing patients due to which the end of day balances do not match. This mistake is typically associated with the discounts that are offered at the front desk or during home collection which may or may not reflect in the billing.

Discount management may seem easy in the billing software, but tracking changes in the discounts isn’t humanly possible every time something goes wrong in the billing. You can notice financial errors in the bill amount if the front desk user makes changes to the discount offered without keeping a record of it in the bill. If not recorded and checked regularly, it may result in causing a heavy financial leakage for your business.

How to trace discounts changes?

Discount changes can be tracked with two methods such as –

  1. Discount Approval
  2. Activity Logs

How does Discount Approval help?

Discount approval enables the lab admin to keep track of the changes at discounts made at the front desk. Each time the discount is altered, the admin can be notified of this change request. The change is authorised only if the admin approves this request. This is how any diagnostic software for medical labs can keep track of the alternations made at billing.

How does the User activity log help?

Activity logs can help trace user activities for better management. It also becomes useful to backtrack mistakes, gaps or leakages at collection and billing to track discount changes, financial anomalies and other alterations.

Introducing Discount Approval Mechanism

CrelioHealth introduces a discount approval feature for medical labs that sends an OTP to the admin’s head each time a front desk user alters discount at billing. This is triggered at the admin’s end in the system, allowing to take necessary action. He/she also receives approval requests over email.

The feature offers flexibility to the admin user to view, review and take action on the request, anytime, anywhere as this is also available on the mobile. In case the admin is not available in the lab, the requests get added to the queue in run time; thus avoiding potential delay.

This feature works on the web & the mobile app. All pending requests that are queued in the system can be viewed in the newly introduced section named discount approval in the finance module.

Feature Benefits

  • Improves billing management
  • Prevents leakages at billing
  • Records changes, if any
  • Helps in tracking bill status changes
  • Fastracks the whole billing process

The discount approval mechanism is a paid feature. Comment below to request feature activation.

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