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How CrelioHealth became the best laboratory software

How Crelio Health Software Became the most Trusted diagnostics & Awarded Pathology software

CrelioHealth is super excited to share that we are entitled as the ‘High Performer’ for the 8th consecutive quarter and the ‘Momentum Leader’ for the 2nd consecutive quarter. Crelio Health smart lab software has been acknowledged as the top-rated software for medical diagnostics on G2 since 2020. In addition to this, CrelioHealth For Diagnostics has not only been titled the ‘High Performer’ for the 8th quarter since 2020  but also the ‘Momentum Leader’ for the 2nd quarter of 2022.

CrelioHealth For Diagnostics: 4.7/5

Our primary product for laboratories, CrelioHealth for diagnostics has received a 4.7/5 overall rating, a whopping 30% above the industry average. CrelioHealth for Diagnostics offers a one-stop solution for complete laboratory management. It’s a cloud-based, secure clinical diagnostics software that provides easy lab support with LIMS cloud features like online appointment bookings, QR code-based system to register patients, sample accession & tracking, digital report delivery, real-time analytics, and more. You can manage your Lab Operations from anywhere, anytime with our dedicated Android & iOS apps. The key feature of our product is that it can blend easily with any EMR.

It has been appreciated for the Ease of pathology lab setup, Ease Of Use, Best-In-Class Automation, Ease of Doing Business With, Lab facilities with Lab Admin support, and Quality Of Support. Besides this, more than 200 customers around the globe loved our offerings and rated us 9.6/10 for these categories.

Benefits of cloud services in lab workflow

Easy Lab Operations ease diagnostics work:

Crelio Health software simplifies the diagnostic process by easy connectivity, access, and operation with intent-based search and filter options. With the help of dedicated dashboards, data processing becomes incredibly easy.  

Meets Laboratory Standards and Guidelines:

It offers you a solution that is completely apt for your lab in an organization and location. Hence, it works for all types of labs, following basic sop in a laboratory and meeting the Laboratory Standards and Guidelines. Be it a histopathology lab or microbiology, we provide configurations at every point including report customization.

Ease Of Doing Pathology lab business with:

We provide unique API integrations and financial dashboards that simplify your financial management. With special details curated for B2B outreach and management, you can fortify your networks with ease.

Ease of pathology lab setup:

Our cloud-based software sets up within minutes. We provide online onboarding through dedicated account managers. In offline solutions, lab owners have to spend months integrating new machines and other solutions. With CrelioHealth For Diagnostics, being a smart lab software deploying new integrations in a week is possible.

Quality and easy Lab support:

From giving you a free product demo to solving your queries post sales, our experts are available 24*7 for your assistance. We offer end-to-end product training at the beginning ensuring your staff is insightful about the product & its advantages of cloud storage. Our instant chat & call support further assures your Lab Operations and workflow never get affected.

Lab Admin Support:

Managing a lab is a tough ask. Lab admins or owners always have to be up on their feet every time. You possibly need real-time information about every activity to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our Activity Log is tailor-made considering this need. Whether it is a small-scale lab or a multi-center lab, with an activity log you can check every activity with a click. With Lab admin support we can customize access through secure log-in methods and streamline lab standard operating procedures from anywhere, anytime!

Why Customers love Crelio Health medical diagnostics software

Since the inception of CrelioHealth, our prime focus has been solving customer problems with simple, secure, cost-effective lab smart software with optimum customer support making it potentially the best pathology software in the trusted lab industry.

Simple Lab Installation

CrelioHealth provides medical diagnostics software with the advantages of cloud storage. Hence, it is effortless to install through online onboarding. The software has many powerful traits and intuitive navigation, making all the information easily accessible. So, all lab procedures can be managed in a hassle-free manner, conveniently, and without any additional manual effort. It also helps derive relevant information by processing all data available, so you can sit back and make better decisions rather than spending time in exports & accounting every time, every day.

Smart Lab Software

Right from registration possible using QR scanning to automated generated & delivered bills, barcoded samples, processes via integrated machine, and digital report delivery – every process can be managed the smart way. The advantages of cloud storage allow providers to track sample processes in real time. Patients can book home collections or order appointments from the dedicated app itself, make payments online, and view reports with a click.

LIMS cloud makes Creliohealth, the best lab management software

Lab Security

Crelio Health clinical diagnostics software is compliant with HIPAA, ISO 27001: 2013, GDPR & SOC II. It studies our data communication and transfers, how to encrypt them to meet international standards, how they could remain safe, and provides us with loyal service. All users can access their data through secure logins. And, with our cloud-based solution as a boon, providers & patients can back up their data securely for a lifetime.

Importance of Lab security Solution: Securing Your Healthcare Data – A Must Today

What makes us potentially the best Lab Management Software in the diagnostic industry?

24*7 Post Sales Support

We are amongst the most trusted diagnostics software and widely used lab solutions worldwide. One of the primary reasons behind it is our 24*7 customer support post-sales. Whether you need to customize your test package, configure reports, understand our Laboratory Standards and Guidelines, or implement new features, our experts are just a call away. They will resolve your queries within an hour. Besides dedicated lab support to ease diagnostics, we also offer committed account managers for enterprises.         

Lifetime Data Backup

With LIMS cloud we provide lifetime data backup to our customers, making every right information about your pathology lab business available for you anywhere, anytime. It stores all necessary patient records, test reports, and financial information safe.

Customization & Zero Downtime

Enabling customization at every stage, Crelio health pathology software ensures that customers only pay for what they use. You can customize tests, prepare reports, and rates however you need with zero downtime.

No Infrastructural & Additional Costs

Crelio Health lab smart software strives to create trustworthiness and reduce pathology lab setup cost significantly and elevate performance. Furthermore, as it’s a cloud-based solution you don’t need to worry about heavy & expensive infrastructures. From owning a place to hiring an IT team, the lab setup costs drain most of the revenue. We provide best-in-class solutions at industry-standard prices. And, we never ask for any added costs. New features, upgrades, updates, and support are provided under the same subscription.

With our industry-leading medical diagnostics software, you can streamline your lab procedures. Also, you can predict & drive growth of your pathology lab setup, allowing you to scale it more efficiently.

Be certain:

Here are some recent reviews about our Lab Procedures on G2 from our customers

Administrator in Hospital & Health Care, Asif M said – “Competent and committed team”

“The best LIMS for start-up labs. We are one of the first few labs to use their services in the United States, and we are delighted with their services. We started with COVID testing, and then expanded into Molecular Diagnostics and Toxicology testing. They are new to Molecular Diagnostics and Toxicology testing, but the team is competent enough to understand our requirements quickly and we already see great developments in those areas. Our account manager Chandni Guthula has been helpful with our setup from the beginning, and she always provides the best to keep us satisfied with our requirements.”

Vishv J, Operations & IT Executive in Core Diagnostics stated – “Integration & Interface is smooth of CrelioHealth”

“The integration is smooth with CrelioHealth. We have our LIMS Software integrated with CrelioHealth and data is smoothly passed from our system to Creliohealth. The patient experience is good and reports are quality which is delivered to our patients. CSM and the support team help us a lot whenever we face any query regarding the system.”

Lab Director at ViLife Diagnostics, Snehal shared her views –  “Seamless experience”

“We just launched our laboratory where we were trained for about fifteen days. The training taken by Rohit Tiwari was concise. He paid attention to each team member and answered our questions thoroughly. The software provides a seamless experience and covers major areas of lab procedures. Will put in another review after using the software for a while.” 

The operational Manager in Rivaara Labs, Sangram K wrote – “Best User Interface, Good Service & Help by Creliohealth”

The patient experience and multi-center management are super easy to access and manage. The multi-center management helps us manage our finances and reports easily. Creliohealth operation management is user-friendly and any lab management can start using this easily.

Cloud-based solutions provide good Lab Support to customers

We are among the best performing products in G2.

Exciting Possibilities with Crelio Health diagnostics software

With 2500+ happy customers worldwide, new fruitful collaborations, and humble recognitions, we have been able to lead in the most competitive markets and beyond limits. Moreover, this year CrelioHealth envisions excelling in its product range and becoming the most trusted diagnostics software in the pathology lab business. And we will continue adding more value by bringing better lab support, innovations, and more value than ever this year.     

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