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CrelioHealth At AACC Annual Scientific Meeting + Clinical Lab Expo 2022: What To Expect

The healthcare diagnostics industry saw rapid upscale growth when the pandemic hit the world. Although, the sudden lockdowns worldwide made lab management a tough job at its beginning. However, innovative software solutions came to the rescue. It was a reality check that the scope of value delivery was transformed and appreciated. To put forth such solutions for a better tomorrow, the American Association Of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting + Clinical Lab Expo has offered many health-tech organizations like CrelioHealth, a platform to present the best-in-class solutions to resolve the unaddressed challenges that the industry faces today.

CrelioHealth is yet again excited to be part of one of the most prestigious global events for clinical laboratories, the AACC Conference 2022. This year the program will be hosted at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago from July 24-28. We will be demonstrating our highly rated and most trusted digital solutions for the AACC community at the lab expo held from 26-28 July. In our last few participation, we have been able to connect with industry leaders and medical professionals across the globe. Gaining their collaborations and insights, we have enriched our product range and delivered custom-made solutions that have streamlined operations and increased significant revenue of  2500+ customers worldwide.  

AACC: Empowering Clinical Laboratory Science Worldwide

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) is one of the pioneers in clinical laboratory science. AACC hosts conferences and clinical lab expos that help lab professionals to associate with global experts in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry, translational medicine, and lab management. These interactions between experts from the industry and youthful contributors pave the way for innovations and solutions.

Over the last few years, it has organized more than 300+ lectures every year in its global annual event. The lab expo by AACC has given the platform to more than a thousand companies worldwide for display vision and their products. This year the event is expected to have more than 10,000 attendees and will feature more than 700 products in 200+ categories.   

A Purpose Driven Foundation & Collaboration

CrelioHealth is established with the purpose of finding digital answers to the most unsettling issues in healthcare.

We provide lab management software solutions with dedicated apps for iOS & Android for diagnostics, inventory management & customer relationship management. Our customized solutions have reduced costs by up to 42% and improved revenue by up to 10x of 2500+ medical lab businesses worldwide. All these products feature best-in-class features, unmatched reliability & highest levels of data security with HIPPA, SOC II, GDPR & ISO compliance.

Solutions For All Lab Problems 

With our industry-leading lab management solutions, our company is redefining the way you manage & scale your lab. Our dedicated software for diagnostics, CrelioHealth LIMS streamlines lab processes with effective automation. The product provides: 

  • Error-free Patient Portal with Payment Options 
  • Real-time Sample Tracking 
  • Comprehensive Physician Portal 
  • Simplified Finances 
  • Automated Reports & end-to-end Communication
  • Integration With Any EMR  

Now you can manage your lab with a dedicated mobile cloud; appointments and order bookings, sample tracking, and report generation, everything online with zero downtime. 

Crelio Inventory is an exclusive software committed to reducing the business cost for medical inventory by up to 40%. This is made possible by reducing cost per test and cost per reporting significantly. Its over-the-top features like the comprehensive dashboards allow you to accept stock in bulk through barcode scanning, real-time consumption analytics, multi-layer approval management, easy inventory audit management, supplier directory, multi-view inventory dashboard, and a dedicated android & iOS app. 

We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to growing businesses and networks. Every lab spends hefty on better pieces of equipment and a skilled workforce to enhance customer experience. However, one of the most critical aspects of that experience often remains unnoticed, end-to-end patient management and real-time alerts.

Observing the limitations in communication between labs and its customers, CrelioHealth has created a product that can provide end-to-end patient management, hassle-free!

With the Crelio CRM app, patients can track the status of their tests, and they also get notified with SMS or  WhatsApp alerts. From registrations to delivering digital reports, everything is available at their fingertips. The platform not only streamlines communication but also creates an online store. With this feature, it becomes super easy for labs to set up personalized promotions to boost revenue.  It also enhances the customer experience and also bestows labs with error-free data about patients and test patterns. The best part? Everything is delivered in the same subscription! 

At the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, CrelioHealth will be demonstrating its products. We value & look forward to your insights and collaborations. Let’s explore the exciting new-age possibilities at the world’s leading diagnostic lab event.

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