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B2B payment in CrelioHealth LIMS

Manage B2B payment collection better in lab with automated payment reminders

In lab management, managing & maintaining better business relationships starts with rendering great experience and handling transactions smoothly. Although, if you have a system that automates your payment process, it becomes super easy to handle B2B transactions without tracking dates manually.

Why automating B2B payment is necessary?

Automating B2B payment sets control on transactions & dues in your medical lab. With control on credit days, you ensure that there are no chances for unfulfilled debts or untraced leakages in your finance. It also enables smooth & hassle-free transactions between you and your stakeholders.

Benefits Of B2B payment collection automation for medical labs

Atuomating B2B payments in medical labs

By automating payment collection for your diagnostic labs, you avail benefits such as –

  • Effective payment communication between businesses
  • Helps keep track of credits
  • Improve business transactional flows m-o-m
  • Reduces chances of debts
  • Elevates business experience with B2Bs

How CrelioHealth help you with payment automation?

CrelioHealth’s new B2B automated payment collection feature allows you to automate the process by setting credit limits and credit days. It also helps you set automated reminders for payments through different mediums.

B2B payment reminders in LIMS

With reminder alerts, you ensure that there are no gaps for debts amongst organizations. If all the credit days are over, the user cannot login unless the dues are cleared.

Payment reminders

You can notify organizations, referrals, and other B2Bs with payment reminders using the following

  • Payment reminder messages in CC login
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Paywall which will show when the user logs in

Tips To Improve Payment Collections For B2B Lab Business

Online Payments

online payment Pop up B2B reminders

You can also have online payments for your organizations which allows for automated settlements and credit additions, Saving time and effort in the manual reconciliation.

online payment integration in LIMS

Linking your own payment gateway

Have your own payment gateway account?
Link to receive online payments directly into your payment gateway account

online payment integration for lab B2B collection

Don’t have a payment gateway account?

Don’t worry you can just configure your bank details and we will take care of the rest, the online payments done by your clients will be transferred to your bank account in 2-3 working days.

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