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Cloud-based Software vs stand-alone laboratory software

Why Is Cloud LIMS Better Than Stand-alone Laboratory Systems?

Using cloud-based software is not just another trend but is a proven necessity that healthcare diagnostics must leverage today. Though software improve management, choosing the best & the right one for your business is always a crucial call.

Cloud-based software offers many advantages. These include flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. These features are not usually found in offline clinical software. Let’s compare stand-alone laboratory systems with cloud-based systems. Stand-alone systems are outdated, require manual management, and have many limitations. Cloud-based systems offer better online perks, freeing you from those limitations.

Medical Laboratory Management can be a piece of cake for you. See how!

Working of a Cloud LIMS

Researchers are continuously striving to improve laboratory management methods. They are also developing lab management software to ensure its dependability. A relatively new invention that is gaining popularity is cloud LIMS

This online medicine software is a subscription-based system hosted in the cloud and accessed via the Internet. Subscribers can choose among the options that suit their laboratory needs the best.

Of the many advantages a LIMS web offers a few of them are listed below:

Ease of Installation of a Cloud-based Software

Stand-alone laboratory software needs to be installed or re-installed for additional add-ons. In contrast, a SaaS-supported laboratory solution does not require installation or re-installation. More installations indicate more additional changes to the system. LIMS web saves you that cost.

Easy to Upgrade

As mentioned earlier, standalone systems require re-installations for upgraded or advanced versions. So, each time your system needs enhancements, you have to pay a higher price. With cloud-based Lab Management Software, this is all possible within the same subscription and with no more spending.

In addition to that, an offline laboratory system needs more time for updates which calls for the system to go unfunctional for a day or two. So you have to do all lab procedures manually despite having the system. Cloud LIMS sets you free from this trouble enabling automated system updates even at runtime; without hampering any ongoing task.

difference between Cloud LIMS & standalone LIMS

Data Storage Capacity in a Cloud-based Software

The major drawback of stand-alone laboratory software in Medical Laboratory Management is its data storage. You will only be able to store as much as the system capacity. A lab with many documents and forms needs a strong system to handle a large amount of data. Otherwise, it is likely to crash.

Cloud-based Lab Data Management has no such limitation regarding data storage. As a result, you can smoothly manage all lab operations without worrying about data load.

Multiple Device Support

Offline Clinical Software  is used only on a single device can be a laptop or a computer. Cloud LIMS can be easily accessed from multiple laptops, and computers and with multiple logins. Hence, you can help all your staff access the laboratory without interruption.


Accessibility of a stand-alone laboratory is viable on a single computer / laptop which would be within a lab premise. LIMS web helps you access your data and manage it from anywhere, anytime, and off-premise as well. So you can access, share and transfer data to any stakeholders quickly & conveniently.

Security features of a Cloud-based Software

Data usage is increasing. This makes it harder for Offline Diagnostic Software to organize their information, programs, and other content securely. The reasons could be manual involvement, power interruption, software overload, software misbehaving, or virus attack.

Fortunately, Online medicine software ensures that all your data is stored on Cloud servers and you will never lose it. The benefits of Cloud-based System add up safety, security, and password-protective features in your Lab Data Management so that third-party hackers don’t access your valuable data.


A Stand-alone Laboratory system requires regular manual data backups. It is not able to cope with unexpected disasters or pandemics. In fact, such systems slow down due to heavy data load and even tend to crash. Having a backup is essential for any medical laboratory management software. It should be available at all times, especially for rare situations.

LIMS web Software backs up your data regularly and automatically for a lifetime. So you have all business data,  patient data and other documents backed up and secured even in times of crisis.

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