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CrelioHealth update for medical diagnosis app

A laboratory’s work is mainly divided into on-premise and off-premise tasks. However, major delay often occurs due to off-premise tasks, and this hugely affects the lab business in the longer run. Our unrivaled mobile-friendly lab management solution (laboratory app) saves you from all of this trouble & much more!

CrelioHealth For Doctors App helps you manage all lab operations from your mobile itself.

CrelioHealth’s Dedicated Path Lab App For Complete Lab Management

We have introduced a major update in the CrelioHealth For Doctors app to make lab management easier than ever, for everyone. There are significant updates made to the path lab app to enable each staff role to manage their daily workload with unmatched flexibility, convenience, and ease.

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Here’s what we launched for you in our clinical labs app

  1. Complete registration through the mobile clinical lab app

    You can register patients on-premise, or at home collection completely from the mobile app. Registration & billing is quite handy when the entire registration form is available now, with the new app update.

  2. Upload key documents with ease

    The app enables you to easily upload digital TRFs, IDs, Insurance papers, and any other key documents.

  3. Manage & customize bills

    You can now set custom test prices and add service charges, discounts, and other services to bills from the app. You can also track & control bill settings on mobile.

  4. Manage payments, credit days, and B2B payments on the go

    The Mobile LIMS Software allows you to handle prepaid & postpaid bills, set credit days, and other settings for B2B payments.

  5. ICD code support

    Searching and adding test details is easier than ever with ICD code support.

  6. US localization

    US localization is incorporated into the app to make it more intuitive and easy to use

  7. Access samples directly through the app

    Acknowledging samples from anywhere, anytime without dependency on any system is possible now.

So, your lab in your pocket is no longer just a dream. Plus, there is a wide range of advantages for your staff & lab business. Check them out!

Advantages Of Laboratory LIMS App For Staff Roles

The mobile LIMS app for lab management can be used by –


Allow your administrative staff to monitor key indicators for your lab in real-time through the laboratory application.


Enable pathologists to quickly review & approve lab test analyzer app with comments from the iOS & Android lab apps. The application for laboratory is also beneficial to call the physician to check for critical cases.

Lab Technicians:

The laboratory app makes it convenient for lab technicians to validate test results without delays. Also, notify your doctors/providers with just a tap.


You can also improve registration cycles at the front desk by allowing receptionists to register new patients from the system or the path lab app (laboratory application).


The new updates in the LIMS laboratory app make the jobs of phlebotomists a piece of the cake. It enables them to view & collect samples of patients in real-time. They can also book new patients on the same visit via the mobile app for the laboratory.

Advantage For Your Lab Business Using Mobile LIMS Software

The benefit of using CrelioHealth For Doctors App (LIMS App) in your lab business is as follows –

  • Enhances data communication & transfer amongst customers, partners & organizations
  • Digitizes tedious and time-consuming process
  • Makes tracking in real-time super easy
  • Helps staff stay up to date with clear & visible insights
  • Enables doctors, admins & lab technicians to take action without delay
  • Improves process cycles and reduces TAT
  • Prevent manual entries and redundant effort
  • Convenient and easy to use without time or place constraints

What’s more? It is always secure, up-to-date, and user-friendly. 

CrelioHealth LIMS App For Doctors is fully functional on Android & iOS. It enables staff of different roles to manage their respective operational process through the medical diagnosis app itself, from anywhere, anytime. Every lab process can be easily managed through the app with secure user logins.

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