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Advantages of using LIMS in your Laboratory

Over the last decade, new technologies and operational practices have revolutionized the healthcare industry. The adoption of the new technologies and systems has given laboratories the ability to enhance performance and be more efficient at delivering value to customers & end-users. Knowing that high-tech instruments can only partially help in improving efficiency, laboratories are moving towards software solutions for more comprehensive operational and business benefits.

While numerous software solutions like DBMS software, reporting tools, ERP systems, etc. are available to address the challenges faced by laboratories, LIMS offers a more complete and integrated solution. With such new-age software and more advanced tools, labs are able to manage broader aspects of business all in one place. Along with smooth process management, workflow efficiency and faster results, Laboratory Information Management Software provide additional advantages to make your enterprise more competitive and future-ready. Read ahead to know-how –

Paperless Lab Management

LIMS offers a platform for information handling and storage, eliminating the need to use paper throughout operations. With LIS, you can easily register patients, generate bills and reports and record all data electronically. For a completely paperless solution, a cloud-based LIMS has a higher advantage over locally hosted solutions, as it allows you to store all your data on a secure cloud storage infrastructure, which also offers data backup and retrieval. The significant cost, effort and time spent on maintaining paper records are no longer needed.

Error-free Operations

LIMS utilizes automation to facilitate end-to-end process management, thereby minimizing human intervention. As a result, your lab operations are free from human-induced errors, leading to improved quality of results, enhanced performance and increased efficiency.

Well-maintained Inventory

Daily management of inventory is the most common and unsettling challenge that every lab faces. However, with the implementation of a modern LIMS, these issues can be effortlessly tackled. Inventory management is one of the benefits of LIMS that ensure effective ways to stock, record and manage your inventory and keep track of expiring/exhausted stock.

Effective Sample Management

Most LIMS today provide sample accession and machine interfacing to make sample management tasks much simpler than ever before. In sample accessioning, samples are tagged using unique codes for easy identification and segregation, and interfaced instruments are able to use these codes to identify the samples and automatically transmit results into the corresponding report. This is the most efficient way to ensure a near-zero error rate even in operations that process a very high number of samples.

Better Analysis

The reporting tool featured by pathology software helps you have a better analysis of your laboratory areas as well as your business. It allows you to generate reports and study different areas using which it becomes quite easy to trace revenue leakages and other bottlenecks. By getting such useful information over just a click, you can have a clear analysis of your lab which in turn will help in making better decisions for the future.

Notify Users Automatically

One of the major advantages of using a modern LIMS is its notification feature that helps stakeholders stay notified about the status of the test or reports through SMS or emails. Such a push-notification feature improves customer satisfaction and enhances business relationships.

Digital Delivery

Digital delivery of reports is another advantage that you get by using LIMS. Delivering reports through emails or using mobile apps not only saves logistical time but also boosts the perception of reliability and convenience amongst patients and business collaborators.

To summarise, the concept of a Laboratory Information System has evolved to a system that facilitates management of all critical functions at the laboratory, reduces human effort towards transactional tasks, and helps direct all resources towards business process augmentation.

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