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lab software product updates 2022

Product Updates For The Quarter III

This quarter was focused on boosting patient experience, enhancing organization-level management, and managing inventory for multi-centered labs. Some major changes also included rethinking home collection for a higher acquisition rate and unmatched flexibility in business networking & management.

The upgrades & enhancements are divided into the following categories –

Updates & Enhancements Focused To Boost Patient Experience

Patient experience is a growth-defining factor for all types and sizes of labs. For a reliable patient experience, we have introduced multiple new features and upgrades.

LIMS updates 2022

Here’s a list of the upgrades developed to maintain a seamless patient experience –

  • Registration – v5 Release

This quarter we released registration version 5. It involved a few UI/UX and navigation enhancements that improve functionality and usability.

  • Custom TRF with Patient signature, Insurance, and ICD codes

Introducing custom TRF to improve registration for specific types of tests. We added a few sections such as patient consent through signature, insurance details, and ICD codes entry.  

  • GDPR patient info delete option

As per GDPR guidelines, it is important to give patients the liberty to take charge of data accessibility. Patient information is sensitive and consent-based. So, as per GDPR guidelines, we introduced a new feature that allows patients to request the deletion of their personal health data.

The other updates include patient merge for the same patient ID or duplicate entries of patient ID and registration & billing upgrades for the Doctor’s app.

  • Patient Merge with a Patient ID

You can handle duplicate patient entries easily with the patient merge feature using patient ID.

  • Registration and billing upgrades in Doctor mobile app

This upgrade involves ensuring a smooth registration and billing experience for doctors on the doctor’s mobile app.

Inventory Upgrades To Simply Multi-Center Inventory Management

Inventory management is no doubt a very tough job for any medical laboratory staff. The larger your medical center, the larger will be the management effort. Hence, considering this challenge, we introduced a few inventory upgrades for multi-center inventory management and others.

Medical Inventory software updates 2022

Here’s an overview of each of these released for the III quarter.

  1. Warehouse and Rack system management

The feature helps you create as many warehouses as you want under your inventory store. Moreover, you can create racks within the warehouse for storing information related to a specific location within the warehouse.

  1. Vendor ledger

The vendor ledger enables every supplier to have an account against which they will be able to track receivables and payables. Through this, they will be able to record payments against the invoices individually as well as in bulk.

  1. Challan for stock transfer

The feature allows you to get challans for an organization or department stock transfer with department order numbers. So, you can track your orders effortlessly.

  1. Digital signature for PO

There are 4 levels where we will be providing the digital signature – prepared by, checked by, verified by, and final approval. You can set the user approval control for any level, to sign the PO. Accordingly, the signs will be updated on PO.

Feature Redesigns & Customization For Patient CRM

For the patient relationship management (CRM) product, we re-designed and upgraded a few areas. The redesigns ensured better usability and user-friendliness.

patient CRM updates 2022

 Enlisted below are all the feature redesigns and updates made this quarter.

  • Home collection Redesign

The new design for the home collection consists of a variety of features that will ease the jobs of lab managers, phlebotomists, and the booking team. It has improved navigation and a more streamlined design. 

  • Appointment Redesign

Appointment redesigns allow your staff to manage appointments far more efficiently with the easy-to-use UI of appointment management.

  • OTP on email

With this upgrade, patients will receive OTP on their email which ensures a secure login experience on the patient portal.

Other updates for patient CRM are as follows:

  • Standing Orders – Repeat Appointment
  • Promotions feature upgrades

We at CrelioHealth stand by to deliver value through our HIPAA, SOC II, GDPR & ISO compliant products.

To summarize, this quarter’s product enhancements for lab management we more patient & organization-centric. They mainly included redesigning and introducing features for better patient management, simplified inventory management, and seamless patient relationship management.

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