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8 Ways Automation can Improve Lab Productivity

Efficiency and accuracy are the two major factors that shape the success of any clinical laboratory. Today, thousands of diagnostics laboratories are turning to laboratory automation to enhance the quality of output, reduce turnaround time for lab test results, operate cost-effectively and to boost staff productivity.

Adoption of newer lab technologies is essential to achieve timely progress and remain competitive in the fast growing market. There are loads of other benefits too that come along with Lab automation. Here are a few –

Helps Control Operational Leakages

With the traditional lab management approach, it’s hard to track every process and identify bottlenecks in operations. Automation along with LIMS play a crucial role in streamlining operations and enabling a systematic and connected approach for pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes and provides the ability to monitor and have increased control over every step. As a result, it introduces traceability for the complete operational loop, keeping it free from any leakages, and even reflects over enhanced productivity and better financial control.

Ensures Accurate Results

Generating error-free reports is of high priority for any laboratory. Most of the errors that happen in laboratories can be attributed to high dependency on manual work. Adopting lab automation means reducing human intervention in most of the lab workflows, which eliminates the likelihood of errors occurring due to an unexpected increase in workload and gaps in information exchange between stakeholders.

Decrease Your Lab’s TAT

One key performance indicator for any laboratory is TAT. Especially, for key critical analyses, it is preferable for the TAT to be short. Interfacing analysers with LIMS, automates the complete analytical and post analytical processes of a lab and also facilitates auto-generation and auto-dispatch of report to the patients. This saves a great deal of time thereby positively raising your lab’s productivity.

Enhances Staff Productivity

To manage the ever-growing workload cost-effectively, diagnostic laboratories must significantly improve workforce productivity. Redundant and monotonous daily paperwork can be eliminated completely with the help of automation. This allows the staff to invest time in other activities that are beneficial for the growth of the business.

Provides Quick Data Accessibility

In the traditional way, keeping track of step-wise data to derive meaningful information demands a lot of time. With automation, every activity performed in the lab gets tracked and digital data is generated automatically using LIMS. The more the data, the better is the decision-making capacity of the lab owner. With detailed and well-arranged reports accessible at the click of a button, it is easier to analyse and draw insights from it to make informed decisions.

Facilitates Ease in Managing Samples

As sample management in day-today pathology business has its own challenges, automation helps in managing the samples better and hassle-free with auto-generated sample barcodes. These labels generated through LIMS assign an ID to each sample right from the time it’s received and makes the identification of the sample for its respective test easier.

Reduces Expenditure

With decreased use of paper, electronic report delivery and online payment facilities, lab automation reduces the overall lab management cost. The cost of lab automation can be easily compensated with the reduction in other expenditure.

Produces Detailed Business Insights

Evaluation of areas of business using paper records has always been time-consuming and prone to errors which may hamper organisational growth. Lab automation facilitates in-depth statistical reporting of your business operations for every department like finance, inventory, sample management and operations. With just a click, you can generate statistical reports, pie charts, and graphs for better analysis of the business-related information. With detailed insights, you get the ease in compare monthly trends, learn about business growth as well as identify areas that need your attention. Such benefits add an advantage for effective resource utilization and decision making for your lab.

With the increased demand for quality services, adopting a laboratory management approach to improve operations and business is much required today. Hence, we must look forward to automating the process and ensure customer satisfaction.

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