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2022-Ready LIMS Features To Look Out For

The diagnostics industry is evolving faster than ever and tech has a huge role to play in this sudden necessary growth. Every diagnostics lab that has been a part of this era of change, upgrades and digitization has been successful in offering better, faster & more secure patient care with LIMS features. This also drives higher business profits.

To be precise, one must look for smart, comprehensive LIMS features & tools that can help them unlock their lab’s full potential for 2022. This will ensure that their setup levels up in the competitive markets.

Let’s look at some of the most essential LIMS software features & tools for your medical labs and how they can impact your lab’s overall performance

The features include:

  1. Scan ID To Register Patients
  2. Scan Barcodes To Receive Samples
  3. Online Payment Integration With LIMS
  4. Machine Interfacing
  5. WhatsApp Integration

Scan ID To Register Patients

The maximum errors involved in the patient registration process are manual. They occur mainly due to mistyping of information while filling up the patient registration form. Wrong data hampers patient engagement throughout their journey with your lab, resulting in unhappy patients; which is something no lab owner would like.

Scanning IDs at patient registration can be a seamless way to get rid of the mistakes that follow with information recording & storage. It also cuts down the time taken per registration, improving patient experience right from the go!

Scan Barcodes To Receive Samples

Barcoding samples don’t just create an identification label for them, but also enhance the sample life cycle management. Otherwise, the chances of mismanagement & mixing of samples are higher.

Barcode labels can be scanned while receiving samples at the testing centre to eliminate any mismanagement or mixup of sample information. This step can eliminate a lot of errors that are usually involved in sample handling, transfer, testing, storage & archival.

It fastens the step-wise sample management tasks, eliminates leakages, thus improving the overall TAT and accuracy of the process.

Online Payment Integration With LIMS Software

In 2022, online payment isn’t an option anymore. Your patients expect an online payment option owing to its convenience and hassle-free procedure. It also significantly reduces time to reflect payments in your business & your accounting efforts.

Online payment integration can help your medical lab easily collect & manage payments from patients and other stakeholders. Overall, integrating payments improve finance flow, reduces leakages & elevates your patient experience.

You can also automate other payment collection modes if you integrate POS machines with the LIMS software.

Machine Interfacing

Interfacing analyzer is the most effective approach to prevent errors at testing & result generation. Another advantage of instrument interfacing is that it optimizes the turnaround time in the analytical process; thus ensuring that there are no TAT-exceeded tests or delayed delivery of reports.

Leveraging this tool improves result accuracy, optimizes TAT and shortens the waiting time for your patients. Labs must look at adopting bi-directional instrument interfacing that involves zero manual interference, resulting in the testing process.

WhatsApp Integration

Integrating WhatsApp with your LIMS, CRM or any system that you utilize for your lab management develops quick, easy & better communication with your patients. With this, notifying patients about registration, billing, payment confirmation, test schedules and reports are super easy & effective.

WhatsApp Integration with LIMS software

The feature allows you to send report PDFs to your patients that they can easily download and view with a click. It is quite convenient and reliable for patients to connect with the lab at every step of testing.

To sum it up, the current change in the medical diagnostics industry is more focused on improving patient experience with time & error reduction utilizing digital techniques & tools. Automated & handy lab management tools have been a great success and will continue to help labs reach this critical goal while enhancing patient engagement & scaling business.

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