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Monitor your Lab Entirely With CrelioHealth Lab Operations Dashboard

Effective management of the Operations in your medical diagnostics lab is the key to better business productivity. And, that comes with enhanced tracking and monitoring of every aspect of lab operations. You require a bird’s eye view of every parallel task with precise & actionable insights. These can help to easily track and monitor the end-to-end operations of a testing lab.

Lab Operational Challenges that CrelioHealth Dashboard Can Solve

Is your medical testing lab struggling with any of these issues? Our all-new Creliohealth operational dashboard can help!

  • Any bottleneck in the operational flow that is directly affecting your lab’s costs.
  • Very tough for individual staff roles to track & monitor lab operations because they have access to fragmented data.
  • Trouble tracking the daily average turnaround time vs hourly turnaround time which is complex to calculate; causing a delay in the actionable to improve operational management.
  • Operational management of multiple center locations requires commuting and data sharing. However, it requires a lot of effort from different staff roles (financial, technical administrative) to match and study daily numbers.
  • Management of sample load or large volumes is tough during peak times as well as with low machine capabilities.
  • Sample management, tracking & batching challenges are faced typically by larger medical testing labs with a sizeable daily sample load.
  • Sample management, tracking & batching challenges are faced typically by larger labs with a sizeable daily sample load.

Overview of CrelioHealth Operational Dashboard

A comprehensive operational dashboard is a new-age solution to all the above problems that CrelioHealth has designed. A Creliohealth lab dashboard allows you to answer various management questions usually missed for lab operations or that remain unknown. Some of them are

How long does it take to get information about operations for all departments and centers?

We allow you to monitor your entire lab’s operation from a single creliohealth dashboard, on-demand!

Do you know your testing lab’s peak COVID capacity per hour?

Identify & enhance the peak COVID-19 capacity of your medical testing lab. And, do much more by getting the daily sample overview using our new operational dashboard.

Do you know the average turnaround time (TAT) for your lab departments?

Identify turnaround time values for pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases within a glance from all departments.

Here’s how our CrelioHealth operational dashboard helps to improve & scale your business

Operational Dashboard Feature CrelioHealth LIMS

CrelioHealth Multi-view Operational Dashboard is upgraded for all customer accounts, for FREE!

Lab automation using a laboratory information management system grants new abilities to optimize diagnostics & testing lab operations with information that really matters. Thus enabling new opportunities to boost staff productivity and sample volume, and revenue flow for your business.

Also, the operations dashboard shows real-time visuals of turnaround time for pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical parts of lab operations. Each of these metrics majorly contributes to the error reduction in your medical lab to enhance its quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Every piece of information that the Creliohealth operational dashboard provides can improve the workload distribution of a medical diagnostic testing lab. It is a great tool that supports a quick & better decision-making process for priority areas like emergency & critical lab tests. Overall, the operational Creliohealth lab dashboard tool enables easy, effective & efficient handling of lab operations for all locations & departments.

So, does a laboratory information management system (LIMS) help here? As the name suggests, the solution should be able to manage all the information that your lab is handling including those related to samples, instruments, machine calibration, and testing. If at all your lab information management software fails to provide you with the basic info on lab operations, you should consider looking for a better option.

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