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Drive Inventory Consumption Efficiently with Analytics

Inventory consumption is a decisive area for every lab that depicts the timely usage of items in terms of quantity and value. This is why analysis of the inventory consumption is necessary since studying the past patterns and trends in consumption helps the Inventory Manager of your Lab. The statistics and graph are quite useful to make decisions on the next steps to enable efficient consumption and prevent leakages if any.

What are the problems it solves?

  • Helps you derive high & low consumption pattern over a time frame
  • Gives you enough insights to help you backtrack the high consumption pattern
  • Provides better visibility on usage for every department or inventory

Advantages of Consumption Analytics

  1. Consumption analytics helps you verify daily consumption at your lab as per the items consumed at inventory as well as at the department. This enables managers to easily track usage trends for specific items as per specific department.
  2. Learning patterns helps you with root analysis as your track continuously. It helps you closely evaluate the reason for the patterns especially at the increasing and decreasing lines.
  3. With easy to track and monitor, it is super easy to make informed decisions on how to set a control on the overall usage. The graph gives you enough visibility to ask questions about which items were most consumed and which department consumed more.

We at Crelio Inventory offer real-time Consumption Analytics to help you run your inventory management without any discrepancy. With the graph, you can have a precise knowledge of department-wise and inventory-wise consumption at your lab.

Consumption Analytics: Everything you must know


Department wise consumption: Real-time trends at items consumed for departments allows the lab to give direction to every department on how to improvise in the usage
Inventory wise consumption: Looking at inventory wise consumption helps you analyze how consumption is made for a particular day.

This makes inventory planning better for days with higher tests done. For example, during the monsoon season, testing capacity for malaria is higher than usual. Learning the past consumption through analytics offered by an inventory solution can help you manage consumption effectively for such peak hours. Likewise, there are other added benefits as well.

Here is the list of benefits that can help your lab –

  • The graph helps you study past consumption trends that get updated in real-time.
  • You can view how the lab is consuming stock in terms of value.
  • The real-time view helps you take immediate action to avoid leakages in the future.
  • Helps you get a pattern on how items are consumed to track, locate and monitor anomalies in the consumption of your lab.

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