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Solve Home collection sample issues by LIMS sample management

Solving sample issues arising in home collection service

Being a pathology consultant, I’ve been consulting diagnostic laboratories for years. This is to help them improve business operations by optimum usage of automation technology in the right way. However, I understood home collection sample issues and the importance of LIMS sample management systems during the coronavirus pandemic. These times also highlighted the importance of home collection services.

So, you must know the specimen collection errors and solve sample issues in the collection and transport of clinical specimens. Also how it has an excellent scope for diagnostic laboratories in the future as well.

The lockdown caused a lot of limitations for pathologists since work wasn’t regular and patients were unable to visit labs. This is where cloud-based systems with home sample collection features came into the picture. Lab sample tracking system helped to overcome Home collection sample issues and approve reports sitting at home.

Home collection sample issues Management during COVID-19

Patients didn’t want to come to the lab because of COVID-19. So, collecting samples for laboratory testing from home became a part of a broader audience. Despite doorstep sample collection, which was a rare part of lab operations then, did not cause a financial integrity issue for the lab. This was due to an all-in-one LIMS sample management solution.

Such sample handling in laboratory takes care of registration and billing for remote services compared to the previous days where Home collection sample issues could cause financial leakages due to specimen collection errors (especially when phlebos use handwritten bills).

How does home collection service associated with automation technology help?

With automation technology at labs, invoices, and billing, the information exchange was managed smoothly. It ensures no one overcharges patients and enables better control over finance. There was no information mismatch at registration or billing when we used it for sample handling in laboratory during the lockdown. A list of tests booked is sent to patients for verification. This is to make sure it matches their request. Registration and billing details are sent immediately.

If you are interested to know about collecting samples for laboratory testing and lab sample tracking system for both the lab center and collecting person (phlebotomists) end. Check Here.

Why do you think Home Collection Service is Important?

Initially, the reason for doorstep sample collection was due to the lockdown. Then we realized a new trend – we go shopping, or to a restaurant or a grocery or fruit market every week. Now we have everything available on the app to shop, get food delivery, or buy groceries online. Similarly, we can implement this in labs for the collection and transport of clinical specimens, where India’s demographic population is very young. We can use this method in labs for collecting and transporting clinical specimens where there is a large young population.

Today since the major population is working & earning, they do not have time to go to a lab. We have to take a half day’s leave to give a lab sample and come back home – losing a half day. Many working people cannot afford that. Even if a family member like your wife, or mother requires a blood test, you have to take leaves or half days for it.

This is where a home collection service helps – prevents leaves, and prevents patients to step out of their houses. It rather books a collection online using laboratory sample management software at a convenient time & day.

Specimen collection errors associated with home sample collection:

What’s challenging here is that labs still require training their staff to be efficient for this service. If collecting samples for laboratory testing requests are taken using WhatsApp, you cannot schedule a phlebo for it. A LIMS vendor can provide a mobile app or laboratory sample management software. This makes it easy to schedule phlebotomists. He/she can get all the details to manage through this lab sample tracking system itself.

Looking for LIMS sample management Software?

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When a phlebo does sample handling in laboratory traditionally, he only handles collection, he doesn’t provide an invoice or bill. But laboratory sample management software allows sharing the same with the patients immediately. So, everything is contactless yet quick and convenient. And, report delivery options through mail or WhatsApp have led many labs to stop giving physical copies to patients.

Doorstep Sample Collection Advantages

The working population is rapidly embracing this trend. In the near future, labs will no longer be walk-in. Instead, they will depend on the collection and transport of clinical specimens from home. If the price for lab visits & home sample collection is the same, people will prefer home collections.

On the other hand, you can step ahead of your competitor by managing the collection and transport of clinical specimens. If your competitor provides a service that patients find inconvenient, adopting the digital approach of lab management and looking for lab sample tracking software can keep us one step ahead in the market.

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