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CrelioHealth LIS platform provides COVID-19 reports with QR Code

CrelioHealth (formerly LiveHealth) LIMS software company provides COVID-19 reports with QR code that helps officials and airport authorities to easily access & verify COVID-19 original results from anywhere, anytime through a HIPAA-secured cloud server.

We introduced QR code based COVID-19 reports in September 2020 that allows global access to COVID-19 original test results and related information stored on a secured cloud server. It ensures the validity and authentication of COVID-19 reports on a global level.

“Validation of COVID-19 reports is a necessity, because it allows healthcare providers, govt. officials & airport authorities to verify original documents with fake ones.”

says Abhimanyu Bhosale,
CEO & Co-Founder at CrelioHealth

Around 750K+ reports were generated through our platform with QR code that helped authorities from different point of care centres, airports and travel agencies across the world to validate COVID-19 original test information within seconds. There will be no need for them to go through cumbersome paperwork as it’s one of the most secure solution available in the market.


Since the coronavirus outbreak, CrelioHealth introduced a robust COVID-19 LIS set-up that includes updated patient registration with digital TRF and COVID-19 reports with QR code that makes report accessibility easy and secure globally. Around 300+ labs were transacted online for COVID-19 set-up worldwide.

Our team remotely onboarded and implemented COVID-19 LIS setup on the Delhi Airport managed by GeneStrings Lab that fast-tracked testing capabilities and bulk reporting to Govt. seamlessly wrt.COVID-19 guidelines. This enabled the lab to provide faster, effective and contactless services to patients arriving or onboarding at the Delhi airport.

We also contributed to Mumbai’s Seroprevalence Survey, conducted by BMC, TIFR & NITI Aayog. The survey was carried out in Mumbai’s densely populated slum area as well as non-slum (Residential) areas to closely monitor herd immunity in both types. Around 20,000+ tests were performed using our lab software interfaces and LIS platform.

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