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Update | Batch management, better editor, improved search and more

Batch Management

Batch management is designed to manage larger samples in batches for accession or transfer across locations, with logistics, summary requisition form & vacutainer summary built in.

Some of the application are as follows

  1. Create batch of samples to send from Collection Centre to Main location.
  2. Create batch for bulk receiving pending samples
  3. Transfer samples from one physical location to another for processing
  4. Outsource in bulk to any lab, your own or any other.
  5. Manage samples in bulk with samples types, Orgs., referrals. included with vacutainer colour coding, collection person details & temperature.

We are sure this will help reduce TAT significantly for high sample volume customers

As of now this feature is available only on request. Just drop us an message to request trial.

Sample Management upgrades (for everyone)

Updated to sample management include, colour coding and container types. You can also add descriptions for sample for phlebotomists. Collection instructions are to help you direct phlebotomists about procedure to collection samples like sample type, temperature to maintain, container type and colour to store in, & any other. We also record different container colour for identification and grouping based on container / colour types.

New fields for sample managing

Test descriptions while billing & sample collection

With a description for tests which billing & sample accession, it can provide details to your team about notes or some highlights particular to that test or sample.

New Advance Editor for descriptive reports

The new advanced editor now supports paragraph indentation, and text justification, & link insertion in text. With all the previous options, namely, spell corrections, paste form MS word, text styles, tables with different border sizes even in fractions. Colours for text and text highlights.

Do you know, you can insert, links to images, website or even more related content in the PDF. We support hyperlinks in PDFs.

Other changes & improvements

  1. Added notes field for organisations/CCs/Corporates. The note is displayed when organisation is selected during registration. This can be used to notify highlights to reception staff
  2. Alternate Patient Ref. ID supported in Advance search.
  3. Option to set test as outsourced, to highlight during registration. Highlight to avoid discounts on outsourced tests.
  4. Validity period for all lists. We are sure everyone will love this update, you can set validity for all types of CC price list, referral lists, revenue list to block the list after certain time.
  5. New field Referral display name : To manage different display name on reports and use the primary name for financial and internal management only.
  6. Alternate Number for Organisations
  7. Lot of under the hood improvements & changes.

Changes flashback for last week.

Inventory Management changes

  1. Export options for your inventory purchases and in purchase history
  2. Stock adjustment option to manage backlogs of past entries directly
  3. Direct warehouse to warehouse transfer option.
  4. Alert of near expiry kits over email

Thank you for reading the product update. Please take some time off and share your feedbacks in the comments below.

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