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Unlock The New CrelioHealth Product Updates For The Second Quarter Of 2023

Enhancements That Boost Operational Efficiency

1. Monitor Instrument Interfacing Connectivity & Throughput

Monitor instrument functionalities and their throughput without any dedicated guidance.

Under the operations dashboard instrument section, users can leverage the new updated experience such as –

  • Resolve Errors Or Raise Tickets: Identify and resolve errors or missing results (unmapped keys) with a single click. Use Freshdesk ticket to automatically raise all the relevant details (like device name, key, etc.) and assign them to the interfacing team.
  • Empower User Performance with step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot common issues independently.
  • Workflow For Effortless Device Requests: Streamline new device interfacing requests directly from the dashboard with all the essential details like manufacturer, device name, connection type, etc.


  • You no longer need support assistance to execute any new requests for the device or error fixations.
  • Enhanced user experience & elevated productivity.
  • Easy and independent management & troubleshooting at system usage.

2. More Filters For Test Values – Also Available In CC Login

The test value export feature is made more flexible with new filters, which allows you to see only abnormal results.

How does it help?

You can isolate and analyze abnormal results easily to make quick decisions.

Now also available to the CC login users with access to operational status. 

To access this feature, visit Finance -> Financial Reports -> Test Values. 

3. Operations Dashboard Redefined With More Functionalities

Our operations dashboard was a significant launch last quarter, which covers comprehensive insights that can assist your lab in boosting performance. Revolutionize how you manage operational data with five dedicated sections and detailed information on each stage of report processing.

Here’s all you can do:

  • Track the status of all tests
  • Identify pending reports that require further attention
  • Monitor the efficiency of each analyzer in processing reports
  • Gain insights about clients that drive the most demand for lab services
  • Percentage-wise breakdown of reports ordered by referring physicians and organizations.

The “View Details’ button helps you visualize analyzer-wise processed reports.

The Operational Exceptions section displays information about reports that were put on hold, had errors, or were delayed, giving you the opportunity to address any issues that arise.

The feature holds benefits such as:

  • Smooth & More efficient management
  • Deep info to focus on critical areas

Know more about the feature here.

3. Expanded Racks Support & Much More In Sample Archival

Expand racks up to 100 or clear racks in one go for re-use – Sample archival is now made more functional per your need. 

Here’s what we have added for you:

Expanded Rack Support

  • Expanded racks allow up to 100 racks to be utilized.
  • Scroll through the list of racks or search for a specific rack.
  • Enable accommodating larger volumes of samples in the archive.

Bulk Clearing of Racks

  • Clear racks in one go.
  • Utilize the “Clear All Samples” button in the Sample Archival Modal.
  • Before clearing the samples, a confirmation dialog is displayed to prevent accidental deletions.

Pending Test Notification

  • When adding a sample to the rack, the system checks if any tests are pending for that sample.
  • A notification is displayed to inform users about pending tests for a sample.
  • This prevents the archival of samples that are yet to be processed.

Visual Rack Occupancy Indication

  • Selected racks now provide a visual indication of occupied and available positions.
  • Occupied positions are highlighted or marked with unique colors, allowing easy identification.

4. Enhance User Experience With The Upgraded Organization Dashboard

Boost user experience & save time with a more user-friendly and intuitive design that will make navigation and access to information more straightforward.

Here’s all you can do with our New Org Dashboard:

  • Now more multiple tabs – view bills, invoices, audit trails, email blacklisting, and other information in the ledger.
  • Better visualization for postpaid clients – Help them balance pending invoice payments and dues easily
  • Improve usability – Get a graphical representation of the organization ledger to understand the data better.

Get more info here.

5. Receive Samples In Batches With Barcode Label Scanning

We are introducing Scan Mode in Batch Receive to receive samples in batches faster & efficiently.

We understand how crucial it is to manage samples, especially on a busy day. That’s why we have designed this feature to streamline the receiving process and make managing large batches easier.

What’s more?

Search functionality to the batch receive modal – Allows users to filter through the list of samples and find specific ones quickly.

So, make a significant difference in the way you manage your samples.

Reporting & Communication Upgrades

The patient overview is now a more robust feature than you will ever need, as we added Patient Trends.

You can increase the value of your lab and improve patient care as you can:

  • Track the longitudinal history of parameters through a graphical representation of values in tests.
  • View and analyze a patient’s test values over time, supporting up to 10 instances and highlighting values out of range and critical ranges.
  • Improve clinical outcomes and track parameter values more effectively.

Check it out under Operations -> Archives -> Patient Overview -> Patient Trends.

Share how you feel about this new feature addition with us here.

2. See & Print Reports For Child Organizations – A New Enhancement For Parent Orgs

Have better visibility and control over child organizations linked via the organization hierarchy Oversee the status and retrieve vital reports for your child organizations.

Here’s all you can do –

Child Organization Reports

  • Parent organizations can now view patient reports for their associated child organizations.
  • The Parent Organization Dashboard includes a dropdown menu that allows users to select a child organization.
  • Upon selecting a child organization from the dropdown, the dashboard fetches the patient data specific to that organization.
  • The dashboard displays the report status for the selected child organization, providing an overview of its progress.

Report Printing

  • Parent organizations can now print reports directly from the dashboard for the selected child organization.
  • Users can generate physical copies of reports for further analysis, sharing, or archival purposes.

Seamless Switching

  • The dropdown menu in the Parent Organization Dashboard now includes the parent lab name.
  • Users can effortlessly switch back and forth between viewing reports of child organizations and their reports.
  • This ensures a seamless experience and easy navigation within the dashboard.

Streamlined Organization Selection

  • The dropdown menu for selecting child organizations is intelligently designed only to display organizations associated with the parent organization.
  • Avoids clutter; instead, view a focused list of relevant child organizations.
  • Organizations that are not parent organizations are excluded from the dropdown menu, ensuring clarity and an optimized user interface.

3. Improved Communication of Exceptions to Clients

Make communication in your CC login more effective. Here’s how –

Ensure all relevant stakeholders are informed about the status of the samples

With Exception Communication, you can communicate exceptions such as on-hold or dismissed samples via CC login.

Promotes efficient collaboration and helps users take the necessary actions based on the provided comments

With Comments Displayed on CC, show comments associated with these exceptions, allowing users to access important information and make informed decisions quickly.

Encourage active participation with color-coded differentiators for users

With Color Coding for CC/Org Login, signify different exceptions on the CC to represent specific exceptions like:

  • Reports on hold
  • Dismissed reports
  • Redrawn samples
  • Redone reports

Prioritize samples that need quick attention

With Tags on the Reports with exceptions, identify samples that need prioritization per severity.

4. Promote FAX integration in your lab and directly share patient reports via fax.

From the Archive section to referrals, organizations, and others by simply clicking “Send via FAX” in the report’s menu options.

Add fax numbers to respective doctors and organization details to make this even easier.

Our new feature is HIPAA compliant, and we understand how vital patient privacy and security are for labs.

Business & Finance Launches & Upgrades

1. Seamlessly Transfer Payments To The Finance Department In Batches

Promote more visibility with payment transfers and minimize the financial leagues in your lab.

The best update for the financial management of your lab includes –

  • Easy Financial Tracking and Reconciliation: Access an integrated summary view of all collected payments within a specific time
  • Auditability & Internal Record Keeping: Generate a transfer receipt that contains detailed information about the payment transfer, serving as proof & reference for future audits.
  • Enhance Transparency and Minimize Leakages: Establish a more transparent and accountable financial process. Tracks the entire payment transfer journey, minimizing the chances of leakages and improving overall financial integrity.

Know how to configure this feature here.

2. Revolutionize B2B Interactions With Finance Reports Access For All B2B Logins

Promote transparency and empower smarter decisions in your business communication.

The new update allows B2B clients (CC & Org) to have direct access to their financial reports, including orders and payments.


  • Transparency Boost: Granting B2B clients access to financial reports strengthens transparency and client relationships.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Enable B2B clients to stay informed and aligned with their financial transactions.

Unlock this new feature and get more info here.

3. White Label Your Login Portals & Promote Branding

Personalize your login pages, creating a seamless user experience that aligns with your brand identity.

With our new Custom Login Page feature, you can add your branding elements, such as logo, side banner, and links, to make it your own.

What does the new feature allow you to do?

Custom Domain: Use your custom domain name instead of the default one provided by the system.

Benefit: This feature will give your login page a more professional touch, promoting your brand to your users.

Title and Tagline: Add a custom title and tagline to your login page

Benefit: Provide a brief overview of your brand or organization and establish your brand identity with your users.

Logo Customization: You can now upload your logo to your login page.

Benefit: This feature allows you to add your brand identity and increase brand recognition.

Side Banner Customization: You can now add an image to the side banner on your login page.

Benefit: This space can showcase your brand, highlight important information or add a call to action.

Links: You can now add clickable links to your login page. 

Benefit: This feature lets you direct your clients to other pages on your platform, social media, or website.

Please contact our support team if you want access to these customization features. Our support team will contact you to discuss the available options and pricing.

4. Enable Or Disable Price Visibility To Your B2B Clients

Get more flexibility & control over your organization’s financial information.

Introducing the latest update to our product – the “Show Prices” flag! With this flag, labs can now choose whether or not to display prices in some regions of the B2B login.

When the “Show Prices” flag is disabled, prices will be hidden from the following areas of the product:

  • Billing modal within the B2B login
  • Search for the test name in the billing
  • Print receipt option in bill confirmation
  • Operational status – Bill tab – Print receipt option
  • Advanced search – Print receipt
  • Balance and Pay Now button

That’s not all! When the “Show Prices” flag is disabled, all other finance options for CC will also be disabled. This ensures that financial information remains private and secure.

5. Simplify Pricing Management With Price List Validity

Price List Validity in List Management allows users to specify start and end dates for a price list, making the prices applicable only during that time frame. Once the end date is reached, default prices will automatically be applied.

In addition, users can create future price lists that will become active at a specified date. We have also added an “All List Export” function that provides a comprehensive view of all price list details with their status.

This feature will help in the following ways: 

  • Healthcare providers can maintain up-to-date and accurate pricing information
  • Avoid errors caused by outdated pricing information
  • Simplify pricing management for users

Share your feedback about our new update here.

6. A Comprehensive Overview Of Your Lab’s Financial Health

Get valuable insights into revenue streams, cash flow, and financial exceptions with our all-new Finance Dashboard. 

The dashboard offers valuable insights into the financial health of our customers. It includes three sections: Revenue, Collections, and Exceptions.

Revenue Section

  • Provides high-level revenue metrics and a drill-down view for order details.
  • Summarizes Revenue Sources for B2B clients, referrals, branches, and marketing staff.
  • Allows lab managers to analyze revenue trends, identify revenue streams, and make informed decisions for future investments and business strategies.

Collections Section

  • Offer a powerful tool for tracking all cash collections made by the lab during a specific time period.
  • Provide a clear and concise visual representation of the lab’s overall cash flow
  • Categorize payments made by patients, postpaid clients, and prepaid clients.
  • Get insights into payment modes and collection sources, including valuable information about top creditors.

Exceptions Section

  • Lab managers can identify irregularities or anomalies in their lab’s financial activities for a given period. 
  • Lab managers can access order-level details of the error to identify and resolve issues in the lab’s financial cycle.
  • Track the sources of exceptions and take necessary corrective actions or provide targeted training. 

It is divided into two categories: Invoice Exceptions and Bill Exceptions.

To learn more about the different features and sections of the dashboard, check our site here.

7. Unlock New Insights For Lab Analysis With Test Values Export

Key Features:

  • Download data from multiple days and tests in the system
  • All parameters and values are present in the downloaded data User-friendly and easily accessible downloaded data
  • Apply filters based on parameters and tests grouping

Steps To Test it out: Finance -> Financial Reports -> Test Values

This feature enables labs to –

  • Download multiple days of data with different tests and all parameters and values in the system.
  • Analyze and compare data over a more extended period or across multiple tests.
  • More comprehensive and accessible data will help users to make informed decisions about patient care or research.
  • Reduce errors and increases efficiency for lab personnel by having all parameters and values available in the system.

8. Improve Parent-Child Org Relationship With Online Dues Settlement

Allow the parent organization to view the financial status of all child organizations and settle their dues online.

The feature automatically locks child org accounts with unpaid bills or invoices and parent and child logins if the parent org has unpaid bills or invoices.

Key Features:

Dashboard for parent org: The system provides a dashboard that displays the financial status of all child organizations. The parent org can easily track the dues and ledger of each child org in a centralized location.

Online payment gateway: The system includes an online payment gateway that allows the parent org to settle the dues of child organizations online. This eliminates the need for manual tracking and processing of payments.

Locking of parent and child logins: The system will lock both parent and child logins if the parent org has unpaid bills or invoices. This ensures that the parent org takes responsibility for its financial obligations and prevents further financial transactions until the outstanding bills or invoices are settled.


  • Significantly improve the financial management capabilities of organizations with a parent-child org structure.
  • Reduce errors and improve efficiency by providing a centralized location for financial tracking, an online payment gateway, and automatic locking of unpaid bills or invoices.

Know more about this feature here.

Launches In The iOS CrelioHealth For Doctors App

Aren’t you using the ultimate lab management mobile app yet?

Check out our app on Android & iOS and get started with mobile lab management today!

Also, we have added some new features and improvements to enhance your experience.

What’s new in this version?

Report entry is now supported on iOS CrelioHealth For Doctors App.

  • Users can fill in values for reports in the waiting list.
  • Doctors can quickly enter report values on-the-go and update patient records in real time.
  • Supports all report entry capabilities except radiology, tox, and microbiology.

TAT indicators for reports In The CrelioHealth For Doctors App

Exceeded TAT will be highlighted for the users to act on.

We have added TAT (Turnaround Time) indicators where reports exceeded TAT will be highlighted for the users to act on.

This feature helps doctors to

  • Prioritize their work.
  • Ensure that reports are delivered to patients within the specified time.
  • Manage report entry tasks faster than ever.

What’s More On Significant Updates Last Quarter?

Auto-linking records using Demographics For ABDM Users

Enables seamless integration of patient health data and medical bills, providing a hassle-free experience for patients and healthcare providers.

Benefit: Reduce the burden of manual linking and streamline the billing process.

Phlebotomist App Released For iOS Store

Enable user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate Mobile App for home collection management

This app is designed to Manage home collections for labs to: 

  • Make sample collection, handling payments, calling patients, and adding tests super easy through the app.
  • Manage and streamline phlebotomist productivity, allowing them to view their home collection assignment list and history.

Download the app

We at CrelioHealth aim to provide you with the best updates that help you boost your lab’s performance, enhance usability, enable flexibility, and add more ease to work with our solutions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback at This website is dedicated to sharing all our latest product upgrades, enhancements, and new releases that will automatically update your system every time you log in. We ensure you use the latest software, all-time, every time!

Thank you for your continued support!

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