CrelioHealth For Diagnostics

Manage Lab Finance Better by using Test Analytics
Illustrates data on tests count with billing details as per department & type for revenue analysis, leakage control, and...
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Future Trends Report – Enable Continuous Monitoring of Patients’ Health Trends Report
A graphical representation of a patient's test results over time, indicates changes & highlights abnormalities, enabling...
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Enable Patients to Understand their Health with Medical Smart Reports
Patients can now understand their health in a simpler way with smart medical reports. Smart radiology reporting gives them...
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Patient-friendly Smart Diagnostic Reports by Niroggyan Lab
Medical reports represented in a smarter way that are more patient-friendly to read and understand. This is why doctors must...
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Holistic Health Story Reports by Health Vectors
Health vectors offer a holistic approach to represent medical reports that can help patients understand more than just numbers...
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Run SMS Campaigns for your patients using LiveHealth Reach 2.0
A feature that offers a better reach for customers with ready SMS templates to run marketing campaigns for your diagnostic...
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