CrelioHealth For Diagnostics

New & Integrated Online Payments 2.0
New & Integrated Online Payments 2.0 allows you to collect money from your patients and collection centres online, and get...
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Automate Billing and Finance with Integrated POS System
LiveHealth introduces automate Billing and Finance with Integrated POS Machine
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Speeding up Lab Report Submission by Pathologists
LiveHealth has designed an update for doctors to help them offer faster assistance with Next Generation Doctor Login feature...
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Feature Update | CrelioHealth's Laboratory barcode scanner for samples
Reduce turnaround time at receiving sample by using scan mode feature in LIMS.
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3 Major Challenges at Sample Accession That Can Be Solved With Standard List of Sample Container & BD Vacutainer Tube Guide
Lab Sample Management and Lab Accessioning are the most important processes in lab management. This feature shed a light...
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Why Lab Instrument Interfacing is a Must Today!
Lab instrument interfacing is an essential change for medical laboratories. The blog by CrelioHealth jot down different types...
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