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New Product Releases In The First Quarter Of 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has led us to take significant steps to enhance lab management and unlock a better future of patient care. In the previous quarter, CrelioHealth introduced new features and boosted a few modules to simplify and improvize your daily workflow.

Let’s look at the new product launches and enhancements made for the First Quarter of 2023.

Product Releases & Upgrades That Simplify Lab Sample Management

Track Each Sample With Audit Trails

Audit trails enhance the sample process auditing enabling better traceability. The feature allows you to track every workflow step from patient info to bill info, sample info, and reports. It also shows details of the user that acted upon each step. 

Benefits for lab users

  • Lab technicians, doctors, and administrators can view and edit history, and compare values.
  • Administrators and staff can see changes affecting bills, reports, and sample criteria.
  • Doctors can make better decisions in report validation and approval.

From the last known location of the sample to the user who last handled the sample, you can trace everything with sample audit trails in your lab workflow.

Benefits For high-volume testing labs

The feature is an excellent medium for troubleshooting and fixations. The feature gives more clarity of every stage of sample testing and helps determine the quality of work & the productivity of your staff. It assists lab users in managing patient data appropriately. It is designed to account for every step of operation in order to provide a streamlined approach toward lab management.

Scan Mode To Create Sample Batches

Introducing a new feature under sample batching where samples can be added to a batch through barcode scanning. This feature can smoothly integrate with the current workflow without affecting the search functionality.

Operational benefits for labs

  • Allows directly adding samples to the batch when searched in scan mode.
  • Eliminates the need to select samples for the batch manually.
  • Streamlines the batch creation experience for technicians.

Smooth Sample Flow With Pending Collection Tab

Now it is super easy to locate all pending sample collections in a single place. This feature facilitates the collection team to mark the sample collected, which can be later received in the lab from the ‘pending accession’ tab. This tab can be found in the accession section. Filter for a date can be applied to see pending samples for a specific day. Any pending sample list can also be exported in Excel format for the next steps.

Benefits For Labs

  • Ensures smooth sample workflows.
  • Makes sample collection & sample acknowledgment by different teams seamless.
  • Makes easier for technicians to manage independent workflows for different tasks.
  • Sets an efficient way to report samples to the same lab by different collection teams.

Streamline Sample Management With Department-Wise Accession

We have further simplified the accession module with department-wise accession settings. In this setting, lab users can only view the departments assigned to them.

Labs can enable this setting in the accession module, where a user can have access to view, collect and receive samples. Any user can only manage samples from the department assigned to him.

Benefits for labs

  • Lab managers can control user access to their respective departments.
  • Staff can only access the data limited to their departments unless they have access from the admin.
  • Super helpful for labs with different accession areas, helping them segregate samples as per departments.

Benefits for laboratory staff

Users can easily access the samples which are assigned to them. This will help them to get their work done quickly without delaying further work where the same sample is to be shared but from a different area. The feature saves effort in managing their daily workload as per assigned responsibilities.

Simplify Antibiotics Sensitivity Analysis

We have introduced this feature for labs to simplify microbiology and molecular testing workflow management. This revolutionizes the approach to analyzing sensitivity patterns (for microorganisms & antibiotics). Pre-configured antibiotics and preset panels with RIS ranges save time for lab technicians & enable them to focus on other critical tasks.

The comprehensive library of antibiotics & drug resistance pattern analysis can be configured as per the unique requirements of the lab, offering more flexibility and great convenience.

The robust reporting system that we introduced for these departments auto-analyzes sensitivity patterns. It also assists in the identification of the most effective course of action & treatment for patients, improving the end outcome.

Report customization eases users to generate & share reports amongst clinicians in real time. So doctors and other healthcare practitioners are assured of delay-free and accurate patient care.

Benefits for labs

  • Add multiple microorganisms at runtime.
  • Simplified microbiology and molecular test reporting process.
  • Easily customizable, flexible yet accurate reporting and analysis.

Product Launches & Updates For Home Collection

Phlebotomists Live-Tracking For Home Collection

Home collection for labs just got better with CrelioHealth’s live tracking feature for home collection. This feature is viable for labs and patients to track the location of the phlebotomists in real time. Labs and patients both no longer have to worry about frequent coordination with each other to understand the status & location of the assigned phlebo.

To request access to this feature, please fill out our waitlist form Once activated, you’ll need to use the Phlebo mobile app to track your phlebotomists’ trips.

Benefits for labs

  • Streamlines home collection process.
  • Improves efficiency in management.
  • Reduces waiting time.
  • Enhances the home collection experience for patients.
  • Helps you track phlebotomists and ensure they are efficient, on time, and professional towards your customers.

Benefits for patients

  • Offer a much advanced and personalized experience.
  • Eliminate frequent follow-ups with the lab.
  • More organized approach towards them.

Streamline Booking Updates & More On Phlebo App Updates

Last quarter we introduced many significant updates to the CrelioHealth phlebotomists app. These include –

  • Allow bookings without adding tests

Phlebotomists can add home collection without adding tests and later manage it on-site. This gives them the option to add appropriate tests during the visit along with payment and sample collection, all using the phlebo app.

  • Book multiple patients in a single visit

Allow phlebotomists to collect samples of more than one patient from a single place, in a single visit. This can be done by adding other patients as relatives and managing the rest easily. As a result, you can prevent separate visits for collection and save time for phlebos.

This type of booking experience is further simplified with comments for each patient booking. Comments allow them to add booking ID, bill ID, and other essential patient information.

Phlebos can edit or update patient information right from the CrelioHealth Phlebotomist App. Moreover, you are free from manual processes and unnecessary steps to update patient info.

  • Book new home collection requests

Booking new home collection requests is just a few taps away with this feature addition. The app makes it effortless for phlebos to register patients, generate bills and select a viable time slot. It is that simple!

Benefits for phlebotomists

  • No more to & fro manual operation.
  • Everything is easy & editable from the app itself.
  • Phlebos do not have to be dependent on the labs to send requests to book new patients.
  • Simple approach towards multiple tasks for phlebotomists via the app.

Smart Assignment Dropdown For Phlebos

The feature is designed for medical labs to assign tasks to phlebos hassle-free. It allows you to assign visit info to the right phlebo. This ensures patients receive the best possible care during their home visits without any potential delays or confusion.

The dropdown menu introduced in this feature enables you to make smart decisions in assigning phlebos as per bookings in the feasible service area. It also enables you to see if the phlebo is available as per their working hours for assigning tasks.

More importantly, this feature dedicatedly improves the experience for phlebos and patients by determining if the phlebo is able to make a visit as per the convenience of both.

Leveraging the feature, you can also view the number of visits each phlebo has for the day. This can help you divide tasks for the day appropriately among the available phlebos.

Benefits for labs

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in management.
  • Boosts better relationships with phlebos.
  • Enhances daily coordination and communication amongst phlebos and patients.
  • More streamlined management of daily home collection requests.
  • Better visibility for labs and phlebos to view their daily work.
  • Smooth and faster outcomes for patients.

Business Module Enhancements In CrelioHealth LIMS

Easily Generate Lab Test Price Estimates For Prospects

The ‘calculate test price’ feature has a few improvements introduced to better your experience. Diagnostics labs like yours can get quick access to find prices for required tests. 

You can also generate and download quotations in PDF format that includes test details. It can also be printed for future reference and comparisons.

Get test descriptions, test prompt instructions, and turnaround time on the modal using this feature.

Benefits for Labs

  • Streamlines the business process for diagnostics labs.
  • Offers accurate & professional pricing information over a few clicks.
  • Reduces the waiting time for prospects to get price quotations from the lab.
  • Boosts business experience for prospects.

  1. Streamlined Organization Management Workflow

This is an enhancement to the organization module with add or edit functionality. Creating a new organization or editing an existing one becomes easier. You will no longer come across unnecessary fields and flag popups, rather add helpful texts for better decision-making.

The enhancement makes the overall experience for editing or adding new organizations stress-free, saving time and effort.

Benefits for labs

  • Streamlines workflow.
  • Simplifies organization management experience.
  • Better decision-making for staff with comments.

Automate Billing & Finance With Stripe POS Integration

CrelioHealth LIMS offers POS machine billing software integration to prevent manual entry errors, speed up the billing cycle and streamline info sharing in no time.

The enhancement helps you take a big step towards aligning the billing and patient information within the system. Primarily, the transactions are assured error-free. Further, you can automate the billing and invoicing process with your stakeholders for payment collection. Organizing these processes entirely makes accountability and settlements for your administrative staff a piece of cake.

Integrated swipe machine enables auto-logging of transactions so you do not have to manually enter details in the system. Therefore, managing & verifying hundreds of transactions involves no stress or confusion. 

Benefits for staff

  • Burden-free accountability and settlements.
  • No intervention is required in sending bulk receipts, bills, and invoices with automation.
  • Eliminate human error throughout the payment collection process.
  • Makes the monthly reconciliation (verification & validation) process easier than ever before.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity for the finance team.

B2B Transactions Made Easy – Pay Invoices & Recharge Advancements On The Go

Boost your business relationships by making payments for stakeholders more transparent and flexible with the app. Once the transactions are made, your accounts team can view the transaction history to reconcile bills and settlements.

CrelioHealth Doctors App can be leveraged by B2B clients through secure client logins. Check out the default page in the mobile app to see due payment, recharge, and transaction history options. 

Benefits for B2B labs

  • Reduced friction between B2B accounts and the lab.
  • Seamless view of patient operation status and finance info with transaction history, all in a single place.
  • Prepaid accounts can settle bills that are due with convenience.
  • Prepaid accounts can recharge in advance via different payment methods directly from mobile apps.
  • Postpaid accounts can view, verify and settle invoices directly from the mobile app.
  • Account teams can utilize UPI payments or other wallets for payments to be seamless, and uninterrupted.

Other Updates

Toxicology Reporting System

The tox reporting system has been introduced for labs to have higher accuracy and efficiency in processing & reporting harmful drugs and analyzing illegal substances in the body.

This system has unmatched features such as –

  1. Collecting details in the system such as test name and prescribed drugs that the patient has been recommended during booking.
  2. A prescribed doctor can order the confirmation of specific drugs for patients having a history of drug abuse.
  3. Validity testing to check the urine’s pH, concentration, appearance, and specific gravity.
  4. Screening and confirmation of drugs.
  5. Summary of results of the drug test, including the positive drugs and the amount of drug found in the body.
  6. A preset drug master that shows a list of the most commonly prescribed drugs, drug panels, and brand names.

Benefits for labs

  • Higher usability for labs performing toxicology tests.
  • Improves workflow setup for toxicology labs.
  • Reporting is super easy to manage with potential parameters and highly configurable options that are available at runtime.
  • Real-time visibility while reporting improves study and analysis.
  • Faster collaboration and communication with clinicians and the lab.

Categorize Packages & Tests On CrelioHealth Store

Categorize your online web store conveniently for tests and healthcare packages with this feature. This allows your patients to browse products by category while they are booking appointments from the store. These category options include price (high to low, low to high), alphabetical order, or any custom sorting list.

Create categories as per test departments, age groups, gender, etc. on the web store using this feature.

Benefits for labs

  • Create, add, or manage new categories from the store settings option. 
  • Add tests or packages under different categories.
  • Edit or delete existing categories.
  • Enable or disable sorting options for patients, including the custom sort option.
  • Offer two cart options – adding multiple tests or packages with the quantity or booking one test or package at a time.

Simplify Multi-Location Booking With Branches In CRM

Get support for Branches in Crelio Patient Engagement to have ease in multi-location bookings. This gives patients the comfort to choose a branch while making an appointment booking, home collection, or kiosk mode.

The feature allows labs to set up multiple self-owned branches without creating multiple centers in the system. Patients can select the branch they want to go to while making a booking. Branch setup can be done by the lab’s admin at the backend using a few simple steps, and it will be visible to the customers.

Know more about the setup at –

To summarize, CrelioHealth has made major launches for improving clients’ overall lab experience. These include sample preparation & management updates, improving the home collection experience for phlebos, labs, and patients, and enhancing the business experience for staff and all stakeholders. We at CrelioHealth aim to give the most simplified and best experience to your stakeholders, and staff so as to eliminate roadblocks with automated and streamlined lab solutions.

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