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Monitor & Streamline Lab Finances And Take Control From A Single Place

Finance handling in a medical laboratory business requires more than just manual efforts from accounting teams. When we correctly utilise solutions for the diagnostics business, they provide meaningful analytics. These analytics streamline financial data to derive insightful information that helps you manage the day-to-day business efficiently.

CrelioHealth multi-view finance dashboard eliminates all the work in between by directly providing you with all the vital financial information in a single visual. The dashboard is divided into five key parts of a lab business – Total Finance (Paid & Dues), Total Collection, Top Referrals, Top Organisations & Total Collection Day-Wise. Additionally, you can also know the end-to-end finance insights of each centre with just a click.

Let’s focus on the dashboard later. First, let’s actually understand how the dashboard helps your diagnostics lab overall.

How Can A Multi-View Finance Dashboard Be A Business Solution?

A multi-view finance dashboard can solve these problems for your medical lab business –

Monitoring & Auditing Takes Several Hours

Finance being a crucial part of the business requires dedicated efforts to tally and conclude the final numbers. Extracting the right figures, monitoring and auditing take as much time as the size of the business. With more accounting to do manually, errors are inevitable. Or are they?


We give you a ready-made visual where-in you just have to sit back and verify the details without putting any effort!

Locating Leakages In The Financial Flow Is Tough Or Nearly Impossible

When you have the right information at your fingertips, tracking it with feasible documents like MIS reports becomes easier. If you lack any sort of information like bills or invoices, it might lead to untraceable leakages, reducing your overall accounting accuracy over time.

We help you locate relevant information with just a click!

Guesswork Can Lead To Business Hazards

When they are unsure of the exact financial numbers, businesses often take an estimated value to fix & plan ahead. This might keep you aloof from any bad debts that exist, which later become unexpected expenses.

Our dashboard offers end-to-end visuals that eliminate all guesswork to avoid business hazards. Furthermore, it directly helps you improve business outcomes effectively.

CrelioHealth Multi-View Finance Dashboard: Overview

Multi View Finance Dashboard

  • Multicentre view on a single screen
  • 5 main areas of your lab’s financial interest displayed
  • Add filters to get relevant information
  • Get more info over a click on sub-areas
  • Learn, monitor & plan easily

Business Advantages

  • Helps eliminate gaps in the daily flow to improve business performance
  • Manage & eliminate bad debts & dues to plan ahead efficiently
  • Know day-wise collections and work & take immediate action on the pending ones
  • Increase your ROI by associating with the best-performing businesses
  • Improve business relationships & enhance client retention

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