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Pune, October 21, 2020

LiveHealth now CrelioHealth excited to announce its new identity as we go global.

LiveHealth was started in 2013 to assure a complete, connected and hassle-free healthcare experience to its users. In these 7 years, we have seen a major healthcare revolution driven by technology and have worked towards fulfilling the same goal of delivering better patient care. As we complete 7 years of success, we believe we have reached a new milestone of our journey by going global. We’ve now set a bigger goal of automating healthcare diagnostics using data driven decisions with a new identity- CrelioHealth.Logo-name-gifEverything else remains the same – same team, same products, same features, same enthusiasm and continued commitment towards improving healthcare diagnostics for all.

Introducing our line of healthcare products and mobile apps with the new brand name –

CrelioHealth for Diagnostics

CrelioHealth PACS

CrelioHealth Inventory

CrelioHealth for Doctors

CrelioHealth for Patients

CrelioHealth welcomes you to be a part of its global community on the occasion of its 7th Anniversary.

Website: CrelioHealth Official Website

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Reach us at: +91 7066793489

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