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CrelioHealth benefits for Aditya Pathology

Aditya Pathology Operational Cost Reduction Using CrelioHealth

Dr. Aditya Ingle is the Pathologist and Proprietor at Aditya Pathology — established in 2009, in Pune. Prior to using CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth), Aditya Pathology used a traditional approach. This included just report printing using a tool, and the rest was taken care of by the staff manually.

Frequent occurrences of errors in report printing and lack of attention from the customer support team to resolve the issue prompted Dr. Ingle to evaluate other software. Moreover, with the increasing no. of patients and doctors embracing newer technologies and choosing mobile-ready services for their daily activities, Dr. Ingle decided to move to a cloud-based solution.

A reliable support system was the most important aspect that Dr. Ingle was primarily looking for in software. He knew that switching to a new cost-effective solution for Aditya Pathology, with complete machine interfacing and data storage on the cloud, would require continuous support and training to the staff for smoother and faster onboarding.

Aligning the staff and all stakeholders with CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth)

Aditya Pathology went all in and put its entire operations on CrelioHealth features for Aditya Pathology. This streamlined their operations and enabled faster and smoother management. From smooth onboarding, and staff training to hand-holding provided by the support team through all these 4 years, the client support team has now become the most-liked aspect of CrelioHealth for Aditya Pathology.

“A very positive point about CrelioHealth(formerly LiveHealth) is your support system. Anyone from my lab can give you a message about the problem we’re facing & within a matter of time you people respond & it gets solved within 1 or 2 hours.”

Aligning other stakeholders such as patients, referral doctors, and other businesses has also been equally easier for Aditya Pathology. With Referral Logins, Collection Centre Logins, and Report View Logins, assigned to respective stakeholders Dr. Aditya now manages the business with them remotely and with utmost ease. Keeping them updated on the status of samples/ reports and delivering the final results with just a click of a button is easier than ever before for Aditya Pathology.

2X workload manageable with the same staff

With all operations automated, managing and growing business becomes more accessible. Aditya Pathology is now equipped to manage a greater workload without having to increase the staff. Dr. Ingle is now confident about this-

“As the paperwork has reduced, my staff can handle more workload. Even if there is double the workload, my staff can handle it very easily.”

Eliminating Logistics Time and Reducing the Paper cost

With automated communications for doctors, patients, and other businesses, Aditya Pathology now no longer dispatches the reports to the doctors manually. Furthermore, patients do not have to come to the laboratory to collect their reports.

“Reports are available over the net, over mobile for patients. Most of them now don’t come to collect reports, so 30–40% reduction in paper cost is there.”

Auto-communication keeps them updated with real-time updates about the report. Also, with CrelioHealth features for Aditya Pathology, the final report gets delivered as soon as it is ready on the App. This has significantly helped in  Aditya Pathology operational cost reduction on the dispatch of reports to other businesses. It has also reduced expenses incurred in report printing.

“I can give access to hospitals and other attached labs, so that they can see the reports as soon as they are ready and take a print-out at their end. This eliminates my logistics time.”

Successful reduction in TAT by 40%

Auto-generated reports with interfaced machines, and automated communications for all stakeholders. Auto-delivery of reports has also enabled Aditya Pathology to reduce TAT remarkably. Here’s what he has to say about it –

“30–40% reduction in TAT is there. The entire system is barcoded now, so the time consumed in reporting is reduced, manual errors are reduced.”

Mobility in Operations

It’s imperative to track a laboratory business to identify leakages and streamline operations. With CrelioHealth, Dr. Ingle now has greater control over his laboratory without spending hours keeping track of the day-to-day activities.

“I can access it from my mobile, from my home computer or in the lab, so it gives me access to the lab 24X7.”

CrelioHealth benefits for Aditya Pathology has changed the traditional way of managing the laboratory. With reduced TAT, leakages, and expenses, Dr. Aditya Ingle is now able to see the desired ROI from his laboratory.

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