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Managing Your Lab

Why Discount Management is Essential in Your Medical Lab
Any unrecorded discount changes at billing can affect calculations for EOD balances. This is why managing it is essential....
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How Automated Audit Tool Helps with Major NABL Challenges
Automate the audit process for your diagnostics laboratory for effortless NABL accreditation preparation, using the NABL...
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Inventory Misconceptions that Affects Your Lab's Performance
Lab owners or manager can save up to 40% of your laboratory's cost when you deal with the top two inventory misconceptions...
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Drive Inventory Consumption Efficiently with Analytics
Analytics for inventory consumption using inventory management software controls high usage trends, saves cost, and helps...
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Help your Inventory Team Make Informed Decisions with Dashboards
Enable better inventory management at your centre using dashboards that offer insights on expiry, stock, payment and more...
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How to improve inventory data management to prevent leakages?
Lab inventory data management is the key to smooth inventory management, improved stock management, consumption and planning...
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