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Managing Your Lab

Future Of Digital Bookings: Why Promotions Is An Essential Tool For Medical Labs
Boost patient engagement for your medical lab with our CRM tool promotions. Custom build packages for specific patients,...
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Why inventory management software is better than an ERP system?
Why inventory solution for diagnostic business is better than ERP systems or excel to improve operational and business outcomes...
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Labs can reduce report dispatch time with the report prints section
Bulk printing of reports prevents delays in laboratory post-analytical turnaround time that usually happens due to manual...
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How to Set TAT for your Tests? | Know Importance and Advantages
Calculate the turnaround time for medical lab and diagnostic processes, and determine its clinical and business advantage...
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Labs can now Scan Documents and Register Patients
Scan patient identification documents at registration for hassle-free, error-free and faster registration and verify their...
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Evaluate the Efficiency of Clinical Lab Inventory with Inventory Turnover Ratio
The turnover ratio for a lab inventory helps in tracking multiple aspects of your inventory consumption; helping you to monitor...
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