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Top 5 benefits of using mobile app to manage laboratory finance

A robust laboratory management system has revolutionised how we look at lab data to offer better services to patients, set a systematic approach for varied laboratory functions and prevent short-term to long-term challenges. Although, the biggest challenge above all is to be available at a lab to take care of financial setbacks. Something like lockdown has made it really challenging to do so.

Mobile apps for lab management improves financial performance for a lab by allowing them to visualise data from anywhere with just a few flips and take necessary action. Know how managing finance using mobile app is beneficial for your laboratory business.

Track Bills in Real Time

Viewing billing data in real time or for a custom range allows a lab authority like a lab manager to understand the details about total, paid and due bills comprehensively. By looking at graphs, stats or exporting finance reports PDF or excel allows you to know the details of the billing flow from various sources as well.

As a result, it is easier to know if there are any potential errors at billing to take action to resolve them before it leads to any further financial challenge for your business. It also allows you to track certain unnecessary changes that were made in the discounts.

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Manage Dues

livehealth-doctor-app-screenshotClosely monitoring the types of bills at your fingertips allows you to keep track of daily to monthly dues from anywhere, anytime. This way it is effortless to reach out to referrals and organisations whose dues are pending for quite a long time.

Also, taking action on long-time dues becomes hassle free to manage from any place when you have all the data handy; right in front.

Identify the Financial Flow at Ease

With statistical representation of the entire financial data right from billing to collections from referrals, organisations and B2Bs, you can identify every day’s financial flow. This enables tracking the in-flow and out-flow of finance along with profits & loss without putting in too much effort. By knowing this day-to-day flow you can identify the changes you need to make to implement better control on the above.

Generate Reports with Easy Downloads

Mobile analytics for finance also allows you to download reports for easy accounting and settlements. Reports can be extracted in the form of PDF or excel.

Make Informed & Quick Decisions on Finance Issues

Getting access to the real-time financial information helps you to have an early track of the potential leakages or possible issues that are hampering the lab’s financial flow. At such times, mobile visibility of your lab’s financial view makes it possible for you to make informed decisions without any delay; even though you aren’t present at the lab.

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