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Small labs often face difficulty in determining the need for and selecting a feasible LIMS. This is primarily due to the abundance of make-shift, stand-alone solutions that, in theory, can suffice. With limited resources, a small sample volume, and fewer revenue sources to track, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of a robust LIMS. Another factor that affects the selection of LIMS for small labs is the availability of several modern lab management software, providing advanced features to platform multi-centered labs.

With advanced alternatives, finding medical software for small businesses is tough. Understanding whether these systems are built to cater to their particular minimalist needs is essential but complex. Not to forget their apprehension that adopting such software will be too costly for their business.

Laboratory Information Management Software is primarily designed for making lab workflow simpler and more efficient. How easily a laboratory can manage patient data, generate accurate reports and provide a pleasant experience to end-users will largely determine whether the business grows. Therefore, a LIMS system for laboratories becomes an important piece of the puzzle.

Here are a few benefits that can ease your process and help you choose the right small lab LIMS –

Convenient Installation Within Basic Infrastructure

Considering the space limitations that a small lab business has, using cloud-based LIMS that offers software as a service (Saas) is more feasible. Cloud-based systems don’t need servers and Leased Line Internet connections. As such small laboratory LIMS requires no additional infrastructure, you can save considerable expenses on associated hardware, maintenance, and manpower.

Customizable Cost Of LIMS For A Small Lab

Small labs usually process 15-20 samples everyday. With such a small sample workload and inconsistency in business, they often feel hesitant in employing LIMS. The practical reason behind this hesitation is the expense. However, the fact that small lab LIMS can also help in customer acquisition & retention remains unnoticed more often than not. 

Smaller lab businesses always prefer & purchase systems at very inexpensive prices due to limited capital expenditure budgets. A low purchase price often means great compromises in usability and reliability and mostly has high maintenance and operating costs. Hence, the overall cost of lims for small labs must be low, and should not compromise on quality or reliability.

A cloud-based LIMS provides a ‘pay-as-you-use model that is budget-friendly for any type of lab. Few of the world’s leading solutions have customized packages of small laboratory LIMS. Demanding no additional charges for maintenance or infrastructure, you can use highly reliable and robust cloud services. This approach reduces the overall cost of LIMS for small labs & boosts business.

Not Just Standalone Lab Report Software

In contrast to most medical software for small labs available today, a comprehensive LIMS not just works as typical lab report software but also standardizes & automates multiple mundane lab processes.

Lab staff can focus on more productive & creative tasks with such assistance. Along with lab report software, it can also be the best medical billing software for small businesses. Lab report software and medical billing software functions ensure most critical and neglected processes like documentation are optimized with ease.

LIMS Software For Small Labs With Data Safety Despite Power Cuts

Small labs usually switch to laboratory information software to effectively manage their business putting in all user data on the system. However, with challenges like frequent power cuts, server downtime, or system error possibilities, labs often face data loss issues. In case of such challenges, considering LIMS sme that uses cloud storage is an optimal choice. Using LIS which offers a cloud platform for storage and management of your business provides safety, security, and a backup facility for your data.

Small Laboratory LIMS For Scaling Business

With the availability of software that seamlessly manages workflow despite having limited staff, small laboratories can look forward to significant business growth. LIMS’ designed for medical diagnostics should ideally offer features that allow adding new centers or clients easily. Thus, expanding your business over just a key press. As compared to standalone systems, cloud-based software has a plug-and-play approach. It gives labs the ability to enter digital markets and reach out to stakeholders using online mediums.

Online Mobility to Manage Business

With more systems becoming mobile today, lab software has also been upgraded to ensure mobility in operations. It allows you to use internet-ready devices to remotely access your laboratory and stay updated. Cloud-supported LIMS sme gives a real-time tracking facility wherein you can have better control of your laboratory operations at your fingertips.

If featured with a mobile application, lab informatics software can make it easier for doctors to check patients’ history, and sign & submit patient reports from anywhere. Using electronic report delivery, you can improve stakeholder experience and reduce overall logistical time & cost.

Healthcare is going digital, and with the need to be relevant, small & medium labs need a solution that helps them be at the forefront of such industry change, a solution that helps them grow despite size and geography.

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