CrelioHealth for Diagnostics


Inventory Mobile App For Quick Stock Consumption & Approval
Inventory consumption involves re-recording every item with basic yet quintessential details that are beneficial for the...
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Future Of Digital Bookings: Why Promotions Is An Essential Tool For Medical Labs
Boost patient engagement for your medical lab with our CRM tool promotions. Custom build packages for specific patients,...
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Monitor & Streamline Lab Finances And Take Control From A Single Place
Track, monitor and take action on your medical lab finances from a single view multi-centre finance dashboard to manage debts...
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Monitor your entire lab from a single all-new operations dashboard
Get a complete overview of tests, samples and testing lab instruments across all lab locations with our all-new operations...
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Labs can reduce report dispatch time with the report prints section
Bulk printing of reports prevents delays in laboratory post-analytical turnaround time that usually happens due to manual...
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Enable Discount Approval for Error-free Billing in your Lab
Labs can now implement an error-free method at billing patients for tests using the discount approval mechanism that works...
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