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managing lims outsourcing laboratory services

How to Manage LIMS Outsourcing Laboratory Services

What is Outsourcing LIMS Service Management?

Outsourcing laboratory service management is a process where a lab leverages the resources of another lab by collaborating on sample management, test price list and report generation. The center can be within the lab’s own network or a third party.

However, despite practiced for ages, are there any unsolved issues that somehow affect your business? Do you face delays in reporting? Do you face issues managing multiple outsourcing lab services centers? Is managing the bills and finance of these centers a challenge?

If your answer to these questions is “yes” then it is a necessity that you implement the right strategy to manage the entire process at ease and improve business outcomes.

Outsourcing Practices based on their Types

If outsourcing clinical laboratory services uses the same system as yours, it is much easier to communicate and share information from both ends. System integration and alignment enable the smooth handling of processes and help maintain report accuracy. As communication is from both ends, we call it a bi-directional approach.

If the managed lab service center has a different system than yours, information is shared only from one end. In this case, test results need to be well-mapped before reports are generated. Hence, we can call it a unidirectional approach.

benefits of outsourcing lims service

How to Manage Billing and Reports of Outsourced Tests?

If the center utilizes the same outsourcing LIMS service, tests are mapped end-to-end allowing you to have error-free billing at the outsourcing center as well. By aligning the two systems, any information recorded or reverted reflects on both ends. Hence, labs can have error-free reporting in a comparatively less time.

If the Lab software differs on both ends, test result values received with the help of system integration can be uploaded to generate reports for patients without any delay. On a similar note, the benefits of outsourcing medical billing can be effortlessly managed at both ends.

In the case of the traditional way of managing a lab, data can exchanged over mail, excel sheet or paper records and later manually entered or copied into your system. Billing can followed by a similar approach, saving time as well as effort from both ends.

Labs using web-based LIMS allow bi-directional outsourcing at runtime; enabling you to get reports even faster.

We at LiveHealth help you track outsourced test info with just a click and maintain a better business relationship; offering a seamless experience throughout your process.

How does LiveHealth help in Managed Lab Service Management?

For a smooth-running managed lab service business, it is crucial to maintain a log of information whenever we outsource samples. LiveHealth makes your work easy here. It allows you to generate an additional outsourcing lab services center to help you track your reports, billing, and finance. And, with such utility, you have many other benefits-

A Dashboard that keeps you Confusion-free

Right after patient registration, technicians are notified about the type of test with the ‘outsource’ flag which helps them to take the next action more effectively.

Separate Worklist at Accession

Using a separate worklist at accession, lab professionals can maintain a separate batch of samples correspondingly. This can not only improve the accession process flow but also reduce potential mistakes.

Hassle-free Segregation of Samples

By having a batch of samples to be managed lab, segregating them according to their types and centers becomes a time-saving task for pathologists.

Seamless Report Management

CrelioHealth LIMS allows you to seamlessly manage medical results either by importing information or using file upload options.

Quality Reporting to Patients

Offer quality reports to patients without compromising on your brand with system integration and test mapping features; inducing a reduction in report error as well as improving delivery time.

Effortless Finance Monitoring

Logging and tracking all info becomes useful in effortless handling of finance and revenue across multiple centres. This also helps in generating MIS reports for individuals as well as the total number of centres; improving business administration on the whole.

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