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Enable Patients to Understand their Health with Medical Smart Reports

Understanding patient medical report terminologies and nomenclatures has always been a challenge for common people. It also stands as one of the top causes of taking an incorrect decision on health.

The key contributor to this fact is that medical reports of patients are tough to read especially complex numbers & reference ranges. But, what if they get it in a simple and understandable format? Wouldn’t that be so relieving and helpful at the same time? Also, why spend time on google to figure out every single detail of a medical report of patients if you give it to them without asking? The smart health report is designed exactly to meet these criteria not just for your patients but also for you to offer a better & convenient service to your patients, educating & helping them get smarter.

What is a Smart Health Report?

A smart health report is a simple and easy demonstration of patients’ entire health giving them a clear picture of every minor aspect to focus on, based on their patient medical report. With an innovative way of presenting a concept about test results, you can have in-depth knowledge about patient health report.

Why is a Medical Smart Report Important?

The medical smart report allows physicians to diagnose patients based on medical evaluation and past findings and take faster action. They give patients a much simpler approach to understanding their medical condition as they include the following:

  • Color codes that indicate a concept which is easy to understand
  • Simple clarification of what patient health report says; that no longer requires google
  • Recommendations and prevention on your diet and eating habits depending on your health conditions
  • Proper guidance on which type of doctor you should consult and why
  • Information on follow-up visits and necessary tests to be conducted
  • Demonstrate importance of each health record as well as its parameter
  • Indications on what a parameter mean and how it impacts individuals worldwide

Did you know: ‘Niroggyan’ offers patient friendly graphical illustration of smart radiology report parameters to educate patients more than just test results.

Why Should Doctors Recommend Smart Medical Reports to Patients?

A smart medical report is designed and validated by an experienced panel of healthcare experts. It utilizes innovative methods to represent complex concepts making it simple for patients. This allows them to have a better understanding of the next course of action to be taken toward personal health care.

Health Vectors’ offer a holistic approach to represent smart medical reports in the form of a health story giving patients more clarity about their medical status.

In addition to that, benefits that healthcare industries avail are –

  • Improve Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • Give Competitive Advantage
  • Increase the Retention Rate
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Offer Patient Friendly Context
  • Get Insights on Health & Lifestyle

CrelioHealth is working with Health Vectors & Niroggyan to design smart medical reports for patients; taking them one step closer to a healthy life.

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