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Benefits Of Best Cloud-based PACS Radiology Software

Cloud-based Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS) is emerging as the next-generation radiology technology that offers a completely connected experience to manage radiology operations from end to end. The idea behind using cloud based PACS systems is to eliminate the use of physical (hard copy) films by leveraging digitization; allowing lab authorities as well as patients to have a hassle-free experience throughout the process.

Well, that’s not it, numerous advantages of pacs can shift gears in the healthcare organization and help you bridge the time gap for accessibility, availability, and distribution.

No Overheads On Physical Storage / Unlimited Cloud Storage

The biggest challenge in the radiology industry is to maintain loads of physical copies of patient studies. It consumes a tremendous amount of space. It also requires more time & effort to search & retrieve old records. Moreover, maintenance of storage space for years is a costly affair. In addition, it does not guarantee to keep all physical copies of radiology studies free from scratches, damage, or breakage.

Advantages of pacs also includes hassle free data retrieval. With a web-based pacs system radiology can overcome all these challenges, offering effortless management. With unlimited and secured cloud storage, not only is the storage cost ZERO but also retrieving an old study is just a click away. Additionally, the maintenance cost of the pacs radiology software is extremely low, and it also provides 100% server uptime for better accessibility.

CrelioHealth PACS enables lifetime storage facilities with Zero Cost, 99% server uptime, low maintenance, and many other advantages. Watch the video to know how!

Remote Accessibility Anytime Anywhere

The most essential element of using a cloud-based pacs radiology software is the ease to access patient records anytime anywhere. Having patient studies digitally available helps doctors to share them across their network without any hassle or even printing films. Although, a compatible DICOM viewer is crucial to view these scan images at your end. Best cloud based pacs systems in the industry are delivering solutions that can streamline the DICOM viewing process as well.  

More Advantages Of Pacs In Radiology

Manage Patients Queues Seamlessly

Right from Appointment booking to checkout, managing patient information on web-based pacs systems helps in error-free management. With possible synchronization of imaging devices and the cloud based PACS systems, the daily worklist can be efficiently managed by staff as well.

A cloud system that enables lifetime storage of patient health history helps in easy search & retrieval of studies. Thus, assisting to offer an effective diagnosis to patients in the future.

Advanced Image Manipulation Capabilities

The new-age teleradiology demands a PACS system that can conduct advanced image manipulations. The manipulations of scanned images with high flexibility requires but does not compromise on quality. Some of these allow magnifying scan reports, taking measurements, and comparing different views to enhance overall assessment & study for doctors. Also at transmission, the quality of images is not compromised to enable accurate diagnostics within minimal time.

CrelioHealth PACS has robust features that allow your radiology center to avail of the above mentioned benefits at utmost ease. Its cloud platform and DICOM-supported image management & distribution tool allowing secure cloud-based storage of patients’ studies and faster reporting to patients & your network.

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