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It has been an incredible year at LiveHealth. 2017 was a big year for LiveHealth and its customers. In our quest to deliver the best technology to empower and make healthcare more personalised and connected, we released some great features and upgrades this year. Let’s start by talking about our growth.

Our Growth

We added about 300 new centres this year, amounting to 1,414,980 visits and 41 Million activities on the platform.

Our transactions have grown over 5x this year, 1.3 Million per week amounting to a total of 41 Million transactions.

LiveHealth for Diagnostics | Transactions for last year

Further on, we have drastically reduced the time taken for customers to start off with LiveHealth, also our support response time for our customers, with more than 85% customer satisfaction rate.

This year was also big for patients using LiveHealth to manage and pay for their reports. Last year patients paid more than 45,00,000 Rupees to our customers.

Last year we delivered over 6.2 Million reports to 691K Patients online & on app.

We released big updates to our Patient apps, making it easier to track your health parameters, pay for bills and book for lab tests with your trusted labs.

New releases & features

With lot of new releases this year, we’d like to highlight a few that stood out. This year most of our features were focused on streamlining diagnostic operations, improving per user productivity and features that help centres scale.

Batch Management

Batch management is designed to manage larger samples in batches for accession or transfer across locations, with logistics, summary requisition form & vacutainer summary built in. Currently available in the Enterprise plan.

Batch management

LiveHealth Reach — Marketing Automation for everyone

LiveHealth Reach is a marketing automation tool that will help you reach your patients, referrals, organisations or collection centres. The tool is designed to run automated marketing campaigns for your target audience. You can REACH your audience via two modes namely SMS (Traditional) & Mobile Push (Progressive & Free).

LiveHealth Reach

One click — Complete patient overview

This is the most anticipated feature we have shipped this year. An option to view complete patient history, and report status in a click. I’m sure we will be extending to a lot of more options in the coming months, like edit, & comments or flag values.

Sample Patient Overview

Search improvements

We have worked extensively this year on search and speed up search through millions of records. The search bar on the top has been dormant for quite a while, it has been redesigned completely, including the user interface, functionality and speed.

Also we added a patient / samples search in operations (Waiting List)to directly enter and authorise reports.

Unified search view

Home collection — Separate Workflow for Phlebotomist

Recently (12th Nov) we rolled our a new improved booking experience for the patients, which is more closer towards our goal of a more simple, yet natural way to book for health screenings.

Check this article for more details.

Auto — Authorisation options with Critical Range

We now support options to auto-validate parameters based on rules and reference ranges. This helps drastically reduce the volume of reports that need extra attention thereby speeding up daily processes.

We also extend the reference range support to critical ranges, where the reports, suggest a redo or withhold the report based on critical results.


As organisations & CCs grow, the Invoicing requirement also does. Addressing this need, we designed Invoicing to fit growing demands, making not only Invoice generation easier, but also adding settlement support with ageing MIS reports, with deeper integration to bills.

Multi Location Masters

This update helps business with multiple location manage a common master data across locations & avoid data redundancy and inaccuracies.

This little option, helps you create master lists, like your doctors, organisations, CCs, and even reports, formats and profiles accross multiple locations with added edit and update support after creating. This is a powerful tool to help create & manage your master data across locations!


With new features, we have also upgraded our existing ones to get maximum out of it. From appointments to reporting to patient delivery, we have it all convered.

Login Improvements & MFA

Several improvements have been made in login and authentication, with improving password security, introducing two factor authentication using SMS, Email and LiveHealth for Doctors App. With notifications of logins on newer devices over email and personal app and device management enabled.

Two-factor Authentication window


Appointments has been redesigned from ground up, learning from our past experiences. This is designed to give you an overview of your pending, confirmed and done appointments.

Sample Management upgrades (for everyone)

Updated to sample management include, colour coding and container types. You can also add descriptions for sample for phlebotomists. Collection instructions are to help you direct phlebotomists about procedure to collection samples like sample type, temperature to maintain, container type and colour to store in, & any other. We also record different container colour for identification and grouping based on container / colour types.

With added support for abbreviations on barcodes as prefix or suffix based on sample types

Operations status

A view for your front staff to summarise and get consolidated operational status realtime, so you can quickly reply to your Patients and Organisations about current status of reports.

Report View Enhancements — Comparison of past values in reports, Last QC while reporting, support for rules in reporting, etc.

We see medical accuracy and quality of reporting as a basic expectation from a quality product, hence, we

Differentiate Automated & Manual values while reporting

This update helps doctors to authorise reports based on the parameter values, being certain that the value has not being edited post interfacing.

Cloud & Infrastructure

This year was all about scaling infra for growing demand.

Since the introduction of Amazon Cloud Services in our Mumbai region, we have been making efforts to migrate our infrastructure to AWS Mumbai from AWS Singapore.

With growing demand, our infrastructure has grown to withstand the volume and is designed to keep scaling with demand.

With this, we at LiveHealth would like to thank you all for your support & appreciation while we continue on our journey to build products that improve healthcare delivery, quality and experience.

May the year 2018 bring us closer our indivudual dream than ever before.

Happy new year to you all!

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